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    Terp Torch

    Curse you holiday weekend!!! Ill have to wait until Tuesday to get my TT and start fiddling...ah well off to hit the ditanium for now.
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    Terp Torch

    @biohacker Hey man. I grabbed a elev8r bowl with my terp torch bundle and I plan to use the flavor disc's from that company, ive got a half dozen of them.
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    Terp Torch

    Ordered the bundle from Vape North the other day to finally skip the duty fee's and exchange rate. I'm excited to get my hands on this and start fiddling around. @The Chemist my man! doing good work as always, all your posts always challenge me to try something new. Let me ask you man...I've...
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    Ditanium vaporizer

    @an0maly Hey buddy, I have those exact same glass pieces (sneakypete globe and Sidecar clone) and I too had this issue. What was happening is the water settling back into the perc at the end of the hit would push a slight amount of air through the ditanium whip and shoot tiny bits of herb into...
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    Guess the weight and win the Golden Scoop-n-Poke!

    wow that thing is a little beauty, ummm lets saaay 28.1 grams
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    Behold... The Canadian Winter

    These are the words of a person who has seen the broken glass face of hell and dared stare it down hahaha ill heed the advice
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    Behold... The Canadian Winter

    @The Chemist this is a dope idea I've already been looking for beads to use. If 500 beads brings you to that level im looking at between 2-3k to get my c-250 as full as I'd like though I assume once you get that many beads in there I wonder if it'll become prohibitively the name on...
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    Hopper io

    @The Chemist I've often thought of filling my Mega Globe with glass beads but it's such a pain to find them in Canada. you say 500 of them for the Globe eh? I wonder how many Id need to fill up the Mega for a dry bead set up, really like the way this looks.
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    The Vista Mini E-rig by X-Vape

    ...holy crap...I think i'll leave mine in the box unopened for a while....*slides box across the floor with foot*
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    Hopper io

    @The Chemist what size balls you filling that bad boy up with...also I feel the term "Canadian Winter" is super catchy...feels like wiping your ass with silk to say...hahaha yep one too many bowls this aft.
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    Scope and Stack Rook Portable Enail

    Forgive my french but...HOLY SHIT! how are more people not talking about this thing. It looks phenomenal!
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    Arizer Solo II

    Hello solo 2 brothers and sisters. I recieved the Sneakypete Ultradry stem for my solo 2 this week. For those who havent seen it : basically its a 3D flow stem with a carb. This stem has...
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    DDave Mod, New DDave Mini Mod & Kit for Arizer EQ/VTower Vapes

    The capped baskets seem like a friggin genius idea! I imagine it would work super well in situations where you have a very small load and you want to cash it fast as well. Also I don't really mind stirring....until Im about half way through a nice fat EQ session when im really flying high, and...
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    E-Nano from Epicvape

    After almost 2 months of waiting and stalking the Canadian vape retailers Bam! stock finally hit Ontario. Walnut E-nano with long stems and the WPA purchased immediately hahaha. I had the money set aside for so long camping one of these its all on Canada ill either have it...
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    Canada Post maybe lost Pipe's Caldron Induction Heater?

    @mb0101 Ya friend. That math doesn't work out. If you were given a partial refund and subsequently recieved the goods you need to return that money. All of this is a case of someone with no patience making everything difficult because they couldn't stand waiting.
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