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    The Mighty by Storz & Bickel

    One of life's pleasures is vaping while driving imo. 👌
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    Dabpress Rosin Plates

    Does the dabpress coil fit the flowerpot weed eater head?
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    Dabpress Rosin Plates I have been super curious about this ever since I got my press. The press is so well made and going on a year of heavy use I went ahead and ordered it,should be here Wednesday. 🐸
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    Big Story About High Times Hard Times

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    Purrl by purrl labs

    What does the heating element and airpath consist of? 😂
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    What was your vapcap progression?

    I got a cap and titip with a woodscents in 17. Then several more stainless steel tips and caps which I used through water with a 14 to 18 adapter. Then I got a sjk heater and a 2018m and a couple coils for oils. Have not used them in at least a year or so. 🙃
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    StemPod by MPL

    I use 22MM as the stempods base is 22. The body fits down over the base making it wider in use. How is this?
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    StemPod by MPL In case you want it now.
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    InVerzion Vaporizer

    Sounds like an excellent reason to take some of our money?
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    Silver Surfer Vaporizer Mrs.arb digs this wand on a stock heater.......I suspect shape has something to do with it. 😘
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    Underdog Log Vapes

    Bring it the fuck on!!!!!!!! 😍
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    Underdog Log Vapes

    Alpha Dog has cemented itself as the DD. Out performs all my other vapes in every catagory. Flawlessly consistent always ready and extremely safe. I would implore anyone who thinks they know log vaporizers to get one,they change the game. Giant tasty hits,my lungs quit before the bowl does. 🤗
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    TinyMight Vaporizer

    No issue but I would like to see. 🤔
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    Terp Torch

    How so?
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