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What's better to have?

Discussion in 'Vaporizables' started by 420democrat, Jun 23, 2014.

  1. 420democrat

    420democrat Well-Known Member

    My only vape in rotation atm is my solo I only have stock stems and no gong/glass. My dealer recently acquired wax, shatter, edibles with legit labels from legal States, kief by the gram and legal state green. I'm weird and like having a lot of options on hand but compared to dabs oil in the solo feels like a waste plus it's 70ag, do edibles go bad? How about kief could I just have like 6 grams of it laying around forever
  2. Wizsteve

    Wizsteve Well-Known Member

    wax shatter but would not use the solo, make or buy a oil pipe.(ecig ones are pretty cheap)

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