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What temperature is Level 5 on an Original Arizer Solo

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by Hackerman, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. Hackerman

    Hackerman Admınıstrator

    Out there
    I have about 5 or 6 dry herb vapes now and for some reason the taste from the Arizer Solo is way better than any of the others.

    I have tried this with different herbs and all the vapes. Every strain simply tastes better in the Solo.

    The only thing I can figure is that the temp of the Arizer Solo is just right. It is set to level 5 (although level 6 is just as tasty).

    Can anyone tell me what temperature the Solo is at when it is set to level 5? Then, I can set my Fury2 and the other vapes to the same temp and see what works.



    Found this on Reddit but my serial number is M1F1. Guess that's the last chart?.......

    Arizer Solo temperature guide (self.arizer)

    submitted 6 years ago * by opn420[M]

    Heat levels in degrease

    • Serial Number M101 to M102
    Level 1=50 C

    Level 2=185

    Level 3=190

    Level 4=195

    Level 5=200

    Level 6=205

    Level 7=210

    • Serial Number M103 to M104
    Level 1=40 C

    Level 2=170 C

    Level 3=183 C

    Level 4=195 C

    Level 5=205 C

    Level 6=220 C

    Level 7=235 C

    • Serial Number M105 to M106
    Level 1=40 C

    Level 2=150 C

    Level 3=163 C

    Level 4=175 C

    Level 5=185 C

    Level 6=200 C

    Level 7=220 C

    Heat up time

    The best way to make sure the Solo will be hot enough for your liking is select one level higher then you were planning on using and wait about 10 to 15 minutes before selecting the level you want and start vaping at

    Temperature Levels for well cured quality bud

    like this or this

    • 160-200 C
    Temperature Levels for poorly cured or damp bud

    like this or this or this

    • 190-225 C
    Temperature Levels for old or dry bud

    like this or this

    • 150-180 C
    Temperature Levels for low quality bud mids, regs, schwag

    like this or this

    • 163-225
    best results when mixed in with high quality bud then added to bowl

    • 160-200 C
    Temperature Levels for BHO and oil based hash's (earwax, budder, shatter)

    best results when mixed in with high quality bud then added to bowl

    • 160-200 C
    Temperature Levels for tabacco

    • 150-175 C
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