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What portable vaporizer to replace e-cigs (driving)?

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by biojuggernaut, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. biojuggernaut

    biojuggernaut Snob

    Seattle, Washington 98133
    I currently use a TV1 AVA with RES or a Whispr using Vito's cottonball method with my ejuice. I have never found a leaf tobacco that tasted good in a vape--want to try American Spirits Perec pouch rolling leaf however. So needs to heat up quick and use juice AND botanicals yet not burn my ejuice releasing toxics:

    Hammer Vaporizer

    I realize all these are new so there aren't a lot of personal experiences on these vaporizers but I really dont want to lose money. What are people's thoughts on which vape above would be easiest/most ergonomical to repack and keep hidden in the car?

    P.S. MAYBE I am using my TV1 w/ RES wrong--anyone with an ultra max have an tips how to use the RES more effectively. Also how high can I vape my ejuice without fear of toxicity?

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