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What is Your Strain Guide System?

Discussion in 'Vaporizables' started by caliwisp, Jun 16, 2014.

  1. caliwisp

    caliwisp Cali Dreamin'

    Hi Folks,

    How do you keep track of the strains you have tried and the aromas/flavors/effects/source/cost etc.?

    Several apps and websites have sprung up purporting to help do this.

    They all have different virtues but I haven't seen one that is perfect.
    -- they don't always have the strain in question
    -- some will let you add a strain but then your data ends up online and you may not want that (you may just want your own guide)
    -- you can add a strain in the web version but not through the app
    -- the rating systems are all different (use different flavor/effect descriptors)
    -- the genetics info may or may not be included, or be accurate

    Does anybody know of a system (preferably iPhone app but perhaps otherwise) that:
    -- allows you to make your data public or private
    -- has a template but allows some customization of rating language/scales
    -- will help you track the dispensary where you got it, date purchased and cost
    -- can help you record and remember aroma, flavor, effects, etc.
    -- has a place to record any testing notes (THC/CBD %, notable terpenes)
    -- can help you remember the genetics

    It just gets kind of mindboggling after awhile, trying to remember which ones have which flavors and effects, where they came from, and so forth. One dispensary might call it one name, and the other a different; or the same strain name from different dispensaries has different THC/CBD/terpene profiles, and effects.

    Any insight is appreciated!
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  2. CarolKing

    CarolKing Singer of songs and writer to many

    left coast
    I guess my problem is I'm wondering if what we're getting is what they are telling us at the local dispensaries. This is all new to me, call me a skeptic. It's different if you personally know the grower. I don't want to grow my own either.

    I am all for testing and labeling to make sure we know what we're getting such as THC and CBD levels ......

    I want to be able to keep track of what I'm getting. I would like to see what works best for what I'm dealing with, pain or anxiety. Thanks for starting this.:)

    I thought about just keeping a diary.
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  3. caliwisp

    caliwisp Cali Dreamin'

    @CarolKing yes I am with you! I have a little notebook. It's doing the trick for the moment.

    This is a wonderful problem to have -- which folks in CA and WA and CO know about -- all the different choices facing us.

    Whether for medical or recreational use, it's helpful to know what percentages of what cannabinoids do the trick, what terpenes and other components assist, and what aromas and flavors give hints of those effects as well as provide enjoyment.

    Strain names are just a general guide since there is so much variation between growers and dispensaries.
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  4. syrupy

    syrupy Where the gas is greener.

    Any spreadsheet program can track all this, sort by dispensary, condition, etc. It can be made public through google docs.

    I notice some dispensaries sort their strains on web sites by condition, where something like ANXIETY can be selected and it lists recommended strains. I don't go by those recommendations. My body processes this substance its own way. For that I keep a notebook also. For me it's important to remember that everything is in flux, so when I evaluate a given strain for pain relief, to remember if my pain is 8/10 that day, to take that into account when grading the strain. A bad day can make medicine that is good appear less effective than average, and a good day can make all medicine feel effective.

    The notebook ends up being a hybrid medical/strain journal, which is helpful in other places. My doctor was impressed on the condition-tracking side of things.

    There are way too many strains available to try to catalog them all. I do keep a half/gram sample of each strain (long story) for reference. What has been more helpful is to just track strain parentage. I know how Blueberry strain affects me, and use that as a baseline when evaluating strains with Blueberry in them. I know how Haze affects me. I know Jack Herer strain. With this system, I can reduce everything down to about a dozen strain families. That works best for me, because frequently I will see the rarer strains only a few times a year, and it doesn't make sense to track those in fine detail.
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  5. caliwisp

    caliwisp Cali Dreamin'

    Great idea on the "strain families". I'm glad more places are testing, too.
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  6. cityslang

    cityslang A taste on the tongue

    You can keep your own reviews private on leafly.com app I use it for android not sure about the iphone version.

    A lot of strains can produce pheno and poor breeding can make this really unpredictable so strains always aren't as they may seem.

    I keep most of my notes in my head and have really fond memories of Swiss Bliss and Dairy Queen only ever had a 1/4 of each would love them again.
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  7. caliwisp

    caliwisp Cali Dreamin'

    I'll give Leafly a bit more of a chance. I had gotten frustrated because I tend to use the app on my iPhone mostly and to add your own strains you have to log on to the web version on a computer (but after that you can view on your iPhone and they are private -- but according to Leafly they keep track of the private strains folks are adding and if they get a critical mass they add the strain to the database).

    Sure hope you find some Swiss Bliss and Dairy Queen again. I know what you mean about the phenos and breeding story . . . also whether it was grown outdoors in the sunshine or indoors, etc. It's an exciting time in cannabis science; I bet in the next few years we are going to learn a lot about how the different chemical components develop and what they do!
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  8. SlinginPaint

    SlinginPaint As Above ∞ So Below

    There's some Dairy Queen right around the corner.... Makin me wish I hadn't snagged some SFV this afternoon!

    I admit Leafly has been my go to.
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