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Vaporizing Lavender

Discussion in 'Vaporizables' started by cahill1207, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. cahill1207

    cahill1207 New Member

    Hey there! I've been a huge fan of this site, now just got the motivation to post something! Have any of you ever vaporized lavender? Is it safe?

    Thanks, and it's great to be on the forum!
  2. bagelbanger

    bagelbanger Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forum Cahill!

    Ok, I have! I cut some foliage, not flowers, from my garden and let them dry out a bit on a paper bag so they wouldn't get moldy. After a few days they were fairly dry and I topped them on a bowl of buds and roasted them in a UD log vape.
    It was very tasty and found to be quite pleasant. Lavender always reminds me of the ladies... Anyway, I've heard that it's supposed to relax and be calming, promote restful sleep and dreams. It seemed to be but I didn't try it more than a handful of times and it was quite some time ago so I can't be more descriptive than 'tasty and pleasant'. I'm sure the additional herb clouded my thoughts too. Hope to try it again sometime soon.

    As far as safe, well I'm fairly certain its safe providing it's not doused in pesticides. It was about six months ago when I tried it and I'm still here feeling pretty good.

    Now its your turn! Give it a whirl and let me know what you think.
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  3. SuperVixen

    SuperVixen I bite

    Emerald City in Oz
    Hi @cahill1207

    I am also new. Although I have been reading over my husbands shoulder for some time though :wave:

    We regularly vape lavender and I have found it to be quite calming and relaxing with an almost narcotic effect in the sleep department. I have been withdrawing from opiates for a couple of months now and have found lavender invaluable in helping me sleep. I have also found it relieves anxiety.

    I also like to use a strong lavender body butter when I go to bed, that also helps me sleep.

    I discussed vaping lavender with my Doctor (who is completely against Cannabis I might add) and she saw no harm in vaping lavender, as she pointed out it is commonly used in all kinds of things we ingest and use on our skin. She just wishes I would drop Cannabis but that's entirely another argument :)

    SV :cheers:
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  4. Unconnected

    Unconnected Well-Known Member

    My mate used to chuck lavender in his extremeQ's pot purry bowl, it would put out a huge amount of vapor at low tempretures just wafting into the air. I dont know if i would want to directly inhale it, like though a whip, but i wouldnt mind having it going in the room. Most people use lavender oil and a candle oil diffuser to get the affects of lavender, you dont need a direct inhale just the aroma is often enough.
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  5. SuperVixen

    SuperVixen I bite

    Emerald City in Oz
    It does make the room smell beautiful :nod:

    I love lavender I have all kinds of it growing in the garden (not what we vape though) and its survives our BS weather!
  6. vapor33

    vapor33 Well-Known Member

    pretty sad that a doctor thinks cannabis is bad....sad world
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  7. smokum

    smokum I am who I am and your approval isn't needed!

    No kick-back from BP with cannabis.... and it is SAD considering our medical professionals (Ha!), are no more than 'legal' synthetic drug pushers instead of HEALTH providers with the patient in mind ;)
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  8. SuperVixen

    SuperVixen I bite

    Emerald City in Oz
    Absolutely! I have been taking over the last 15 moths:

    20mg Oxycontin SR twice a day
    5mg Endone four times a day
    150mg Tramadol SR twice a day
    50mg Tramadol four times a day

    after surgery I got added:
    Mophine pump
    Ketamine @ 16mg

    I needed a license from the government for the opiates and she had no problem prescribing them for me but gives me this look every time I mention Cannabis. So at this point I torture her with it and purposely put it right under her nose. I am going to start collating a folder for her of articles and the like...

    This same Dr treated my mum for Bladder Cancer. She lasted six months from the beginning of radiation treatment....

    Ahh sorry it makes me so angry and I just wish I knew then what I knew now... she may not be here today but I guarantee that I would have got her further than six months and without what she had to go through which was nothing short of a night mare....
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