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Discussion in 'Cooking with Cannabis' started by Vapenstien's Monster, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. Vapenstien's Monster

    Vapenstien's Monster Well-Known Member

    N. Indiana, USA, Earth
    This is a re-post that I had in another section but since I think it has relevance to cooking as well,... I will post here..

    I thought I was the only one,...I got a whiff of my bong-water and thought,.. hmm doesn't smell like I recall bong-water smelling from my combustion days. It smelled crisp and clean and since it was recently aerated I thought I would give it a little taste. The other folks in the room with me thought I was off my nut. I got a little out with a straw and I'll be damned it tasted good, if not great.

    So there I was, I thought I was on to some kind of discovery,.. came into FC to post about it in the cooking thread,.. but figured I would do a search first,... damn,... now I feel a bit silly,.. of course someone would have tried this already.

    I use the Zephyr ION hooked to a gravity vortex cold fusion with a rubber stopper on the top and a hookah hose attached to that. This gives me a closed system ( mostly,.. the only air intake is from the underside of the ion through a filter and through them herbs.) I have found that if I use the same water for a while, I can harvest a good amount of oil that builds up on the glass wall ( amber almost tan oil) as well as the super saturated water. I am certain that the water does not extract any of the chemicals in my vapor, but I do think that it creates a suspension.

    I think drinking bong-water is so counter-intuitive, such a gross concept when considering combustion that I prefer the term vapor-water.

    The water will give you a great "up" buzz as well as is quite refreshing. I run about an OZ through the bong before I harvest the oil and the water. I get about 1g of oil and 10 oz of water.
    No need to tell you what I do with the oil..

    ohhhhh but the vapor-water:
    It can be drank,... 2 oz will induce a nap
    Mix 2 parts vapor water to 10 parts regular water and your favorite tea
    Ice Cubes
    You can let the water evaporate and reclaim the oils
  2. Tuck

    Tuck Well-Known Member

    How do you collect the oil? I assume with ISO?
  3. Vapenstien's Monster

    Vapenstien's Monster Well-Known Member

    N. Indiana, USA, Earth
    The only use for ISO IMHO is for a final clean after you have reclaimed everything you can. I would never suggest anyone ingest ISO.

    since I use a vortex cold fusion, it has a removable chamber over the water and I just reach in and scrape the oil off the glass. The way the difusers work on this thing my oil always builds up in the same spot so it is pretty easy to reclaim ( I use a dental tool)

    The oil is great but I am really impressed with the vapor-water itself.
  4. Tuck

    Tuck Well-Known Member

    I'm more interested in the oil than the water. Another method to get the goodies out of the water is to pour it through a very fine mesh or strainer. I've often wondered if I'm leaving goodies in that water. I imagine the oil stuck to the glass is a lot like wand hash.

    For my piece, to get the film on the glass, I'd need to use some sort of alcohol because mine does not come apart and there is an ice catcher and a percolator in the way. I haven't bothered to try because the film is not very thick like in a wand, so I figured there wasn't much to get. But you saying you are accumulating about 1g per oz intrigues me. Especially since I'm going through some dry times :|
  5. lepstadder

    lepstadder Well-Known Member

    I had a similar idea

    The folks over at aromed claim they drink the water

    But my idea is to make "BONG WATER BROWNIES" LOL i mean vapor water

    In a sense, basically save all of my bong water from using my VHW

    and after i have about a gallon, i am going to throw in a stick of butter simmer a few hours and BAM!

  6. DevoTheStrange

    DevoTheStrange Ia! Ia! Vapor Fthagn!

    Somewhere in the mountains.
    If you search around you will find there are many mentions of people drinking the bong water scattered around the forums here on FC.
    I know I drink the water whenever I am finished with a session. That way I don't have a glass piece sitting around with water just sitting in it.
    That and there is less accumulation on your glass when there is water involved, even more so if the water is warm. I am not one to collect any condensed oil off of my glass pieces. So the cleaner my glass the better.
  7. Vapenstien's Monster

    Vapenstien's Monster Well-Known Member

    N. Indiana, USA, Earth

    I thoroughly enjoy the oil build up inside my bong. If I had one that was harder to reclaim the oil and if the oil didn't always build up in the same spot I would tend to agree with you. Luckily this thing seems like it was designed for the task at hand.
  8. ironmangler

    ironmangler Well-Known Member

    bong uh vapor water brownies ROCK I have made them a few times................
  9. StrainToGain

    StrainToGain Well-Known Member

    I feel like an idiot for not even trying this
  10. Qatmaster

    Qatmaster Member

    So AZ
    This just blows my mind. When I started vaping a few months ago (ego pens, dear gawd!), it blew my mind that I could have my dope and reclaim it too, just as a general principle. Since then, the NUMBER of ways I can reclaim continue to blow my mind. I thought I'd gotten to the last of it, with bathing in the cake, but no. Now I have a whole new horizon to reclaim: adding a water reclaim system to my vaping landscape! I've been scraping my Solo tube for the obvious globules of oil that develop, using a tool and/or a glass of everclear that I seal and reuse until it turns a certain color, then it goes the oil track or the tincture track. But this water track? OMG, of COURSE, the water would be a matrix for cannabinoids: WE are, and we are MADE of water. D'oh! THANKS again, now I gotta buy all new hats!

    oh, and what the hell is a vortex cold fusion? All I can find so far is a box that makes fog for bars and bands. If that's it, I'm not buying hats yet!
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2014
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  11. Mr. Gweilo 420

    Mr. Gweilo 420 Dude

    The Far East
    You guys are nuts lol. Don't drink your bubbler water!
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  12. Jethro

    Jethro Well-Known Member

    Tooky, Granite State
    You guys are drinking your bong water???
  13. Razor

    Razor Well-Known Member

    If you put the water in a jar with some holes in the lid on a window seal, the water will evaporate and leave you with just the good stuff.. THC isn't water soluble so it should be relatively easy. Throw it in a window seal and keep pouring your water in it until enough builds up to throw a block party.
  14. Bouldorado

    Bouldorado Well-Known Member

    How long do you leave the water in your piece? Drinking vapor water straight hasn't really appealed to me before, but I do like the idea of iced tea.
  15. grokit

    grokit well-worn member

    the north
    If you heat the bong-water with fire to 200c you can double the thc :haw:
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