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Vapexhale Cloud Evo vs Volcano

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by TokesandJokes, Feb 11, 2016.

  1. TokesandJokes

    TokesandJokes Active Member

    I have the opportunity to address my VATS, but I needed your advice

    Cloud Evo- $405 (Brand New Valentines Day Sale) with Hydrotube, baskets, and some other extras
    Volcano with valve included- $320 (classic) $350 (Digit) (Brand New: Store Clearance)

    I really want the Volcano, but I'm concerned about using it Solo and not being forced to use more material than needed

    I have heard a lot of chatter on the Forums about the newer Hydrotubes and how they don't hold up well, or are being delivered with quality issues. Im looking to buy an EVO this weekend, but I wanted to see if anyone had any issues with theirs since the last time they purged the stock.
    Also what is your favorite Hydrotube if you have one?
    Are the DHGate Hydrotubes worth looking into at the cheaper price?

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  2. subway13029

    subway13029 Well-Known Member

    Fwiw I saw volcano classic for 258 and digital for 300 I believe..on vape USA they are having 50 percent off but not sure how legit.i placed order for some accessories earlier today.
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  3. TokesandJokes

    TokesandJokes Active Member

    That's actually what I was looking at. I placed an order for the hammer pro and some accessories, it's being delivered soon. Someone on Reddit ordered an Arizer Air for $95 and he registered the warranty as soon as it was delivered and its on the up and up. Just still a little uneasy. I mean you could get a volcano with valve, a plenty, and a life saber/SSV for under $500 :shrug:


    Valentine's Day Sale for Cloud Evo with extra baskets and hydro tube is $405
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  4. KimDracula

    KimDracula Well-Known Member

    I don't think there's any comparison. Get the EVO. There have been a few QC issues as VXH has expanded recently but that could be rectified if something was wrong. The new tubes aren't as good as the older versions IMO, but that's a matter of opinion on the design rather than durability.
  5. Slow Draw McGraw

    Slow Draw McGraw Well-Known Member Company Rep

    EVO for sure.
    Volcano is a great Vape but a one trick pony.

    EVO can do it all minus bags, but even then members have come up with ways to to blow bags with the EVO
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  6. WetGusher

    WetGusher New Member

    What is VAS? I feel like it is a inside joke I don't get xD
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  7. jojo monkey

    jojo monkey Well-Known Member Manufacturer

    @WetGusher It is a cute way of describing the need to own every vaporizer AKA rampant vape consumerism.

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  8. sativasam

    sativasam NO SMOKING

    I'd love an EVO. But I have a Volc, and having both is just too much. One day though. Hopefully by then the EVO will be super advanced :brow:
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  9. WetGusher

    WetGusher New Member

    I've only been in this community for a month and I have already bought a Evo, Mighty, GH and a VapCap..uhoh
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  10. Seek

    Seek Apprentice Daydreamer

    Yes there is. Yes, the EVO is capable of producing more amazing and impressive vapor from such a small load that Volcano would have trouble with. But that doesn't mean the EVO is better for everything.
    The Volcano is way more reliable and unbreakable than EVO and can totally overpower the EVO when you load it for a large group of people. And you don't have to worry about glass accidents when you share it. Also there is little to no risk at its quality control.
    I would say the EVO is awesome and powerful personal vape, or shared with a good friend.
    The Volcano is not very impressive for personal use, but kicks ass when used in groups.

    Yes, as much as I love and support vapexhale and want to see them make it big, I have to warn about this.
    It's not just recently, the whole time they have been here there were batches of defective units and/or HTs.
    I am wishing them the best of luck to finally get everything perfected asap.
    I'm not saying that all or most of units are bad, but there's been a lot of them in the last 5 years of VXl existence.
    There has been bad batches where most of units were bad, there have been good abtches where most of units were perfects and everywhere in between. As much as I love EVO and hate to admit this - yes, there is a risk of getting a bad unit. Volcanoes have been around for a long time and also have been perfected for a long time. I haven't heard of a single bad Volcano so far.

    The VapeXhale is working hard to make it big and make all its customers happy. And the EVO is just awesome. They have been groving for 4 years and still are - and because of that there a re always some new problems they have to overcome. I think they are near that goal and within like 1-2 years, they should get stabilized and make the quality control finally consistent. I can't wait too see that happen.

    All of this may sound like I praise the Volcano while spitting at EVO, but I just wanted to make a valid counterargument, because everyone here makes EVO look like flawless and Volcano overrated. Which is both false. Both of them are awesome, have their place and I love them.

    The EVO is not flawless and a total winner over everything, it's getting too much love in here because FC is full of vapor enthusiasts like me who just love the EVO experience to the point of denying the flaws.

    And the Volcano is probably underrated here the same way I'm saying all this bad stuff here about EVO. Everywhere else on the internet, the Volcano is still overrated as the ultimate vape just like EVO is in here. So FC members are reacting to that the same way I'm reacting to the EVO hype right now - saying it's not the best. But they are overdoing it and making the Volcano look worthless, which it really isn't.

    Also the high price of Volcano often gets criticized here, but honestly, When I put a half-price vape like EQ next a to a Volcano, I can clearly see the Volcano has at least 2 times better quality, so the price is imo justified. That doesn't mean I wouldn't like to see its price drop, just that I undestand why it costs so much. The EVO is even pricier and no EVO enthusiast is bitching about that. Even with the recent HT quality that some people compare to cheap chinese glass. I understand the price of EVO too btw...

    MAybe the EVO is a bit more versatile, but imo it also can be called a one-trick pony - it is designed for run through a waterpipe and that's the one trick everyone is using it for. Yes, you can attach a draw mouthpiece or a whip to it, but you could do as well with Volcano somehow and it doesn't really strike me as a huge enhancement of versatility.
    One thing I agree on is that EVO uses a standard 18mm GonG that you can attach to a lot of custom glass (but it's all glass and basically the same thing), while Volcano uses it's own connection.

    Yes, by attaching it to a Volcano :D :D :D
    Ok, i think it can be done with any pump, but I've only seen it done with Volcano :)

    VapeXhale HydraCirc 2.0. Sadly, these modular tubes are not officialy made anymore and I think they are not going to return.
    I'd love to see them return, all the HT's from the last 3 generations were sidecircs, I hope at least some variety in mouthpieces will return if not modular ones.
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  11. IAmKrazy2

    IAmKrazy2 Darth Vapor

    I personally would not want to do all my vaping through bags. For me, bags are used maybe a few times a month at most. I personally greatly prefer the Evo and non bag delivery methods for daily use.
  12. TokesandJokes

    TokesandJokes Active Member

    Thanks for everyones thoughtful advice. I really appreciate y'all taking the time to give your opinions!
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  13. sativasam

    sativasam NO SMOKING

    More the better
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  14. Slow Draw McGraw

    Slow Draw McGraw Well-Known Member Company Rep

    It's not the same exact trick if you do it different ways and the outcome is different. How many "different bags" are there? Sizes change thats about it. Different experience with each glass peice IMO-whether Vxh or personal glass. You cant just say glass plus EVO is the trick....that would be any vape. You can use the dry mp, you got the vapexnail for concentrates vs a pad for the 'Cano. VxH after thought seems better.
    Volcano was design for bags, the EVO was design for everything but that IMO. The 18mm joint on the EVO like you said is the best thing. Can make it become Dry, whip, or water.
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  15. KimDracula

    KimDracula Well-Known Member

    That's the first time I've ever seen someone take the phrase "there's no comparison" literally and then give a comparison. Lol.
  16. TokesandJokes

    TokesandJokes Active Member

    I made an error in saying I have VATS. I actually have VAS. VATS (Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System) is from Fallout 4, which I have been playing way too much of......
  17. max

    max Out to lunch

    I've used a bag fill vape (herbalAire) extensively in the past, and have used a Cloud/EVO since the very first beta units were sent out. Both designs, if used on a regular basis, will result in using more than is necessary (that's my opinion but I'm far from alone in it). I found myself constantly loading more than necessary in the herbalAire since the tendency is to fill the bag(s) with lots of cloudy vapor. I've found the EVO encourages using a lot as well, since your big hits are smooth, and like sucking a bag, you tend to get a lot of vapor before you realize how much you've ingested.

    I use my e-nano more than anything, since the hit size is more limited, and I usually find I've had enough for the time being before I get a ton of vapor. I tend to reserve the EVO for a change of pace, as in when I want to get really high in a hurry.

    As for EVO or Volcano, I'd take the EVO hands down. I've used a Volcano and was not impressed for the $ involved. A bag of vapor is a bag of vapor to me, and the herbalAire allowed direct hits as well. The 'cano, no matter how you modify it to get direct hits, will still push out all that air, making for less dense hits.
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  18. HellsWindStaff

    HellsWindStaff Dharma Initiate

    Ultimately, you just need to judge if you think you'd prefer to vape primarily through water or through a bag.

    EVO does dry hits, but I feel it excels because of how great the vapor is when attached to a water pipe. I have never used it dry, but apparently it tastes great dry. I like turning the temp up though with the EVO and getting full extractions in a few hits at a higher temp.

    I've never used a Volcano. But I have an Herbalaire and while the bags get me ridiculously high, they are kinda cumbersome and annoying. I don't know if I'm ripping my bags when I'm storing them, but they seem to start leaking sooner than later. I tend to use more tree in the Herbalaire session to get nice thick milky bags, than in a session with the EVO for nice milky bongs.

    But, I was eyeing up a Volcano a few months back, and decided to just get an Herbalaire and then an EVO lol. At the time, I didn't have the pieces and parts to connect my Herbalaire through water, but honestly while its a bit more cumbersome and not as efficient IMO, the Herbalaire can cheaply compare to the EVO from my experience. Some pretty quality hits!

    I know this isn't a perfect answer, but maybe get an Herbalaire? If you find that you really like the bag aspect, you could always upgrade to the Volcano, because the Volcano will do bags easier and better I reckon (certainly easier). If you find you really like using it through water, you could grab an EVO. While I feel the Herbalaire does both aspects pretty well, I feel the EVO has it beat in terms of water path quality and while no experience, I feel the Volcano has it beat in bags.

    I'm probably not helping matters by throwing another vape into the mix, but as a cheaper option that could maybe suffice both aspects of what you're looking for, maybe it would be perfect? The think I like most about the Herbalaire other than its damn near indestructibleness is its versatility....can direct draw, whip, bags, water pipes. The Herbalaire stock mouthpiece on the H 2.2 (what I have) does not make a perfect seal on 18 or 14mm, but I am able to take 18mm female adapters and fit them securely on the mouthpiece.....walla now you have a psuedo GonG attachment utilizing the other end of the adapter.

    But, if you want my opinion just between the two high end units, I'd say get the EVO.
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  19. PurpleDazed

    PurpleDazed Well-Known Member

    ok my 2cents is this the volcano is a classic and is so more geared for gatherings than for personal use.

    the EVO can handle less for personal use and with the hydranails also does concentrate very nicely producing nice milky white hits.

    My choice is the evo

    I use to want the volcano but today i really dont have a use for it. I am a personal user and have introduced vaping to my friends but have failed at educating them to the joys of it. sure they see how little is used and how they feel from it but still insist on combusting than going out and getting a vape.
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  20. YungLeaner

    YungLeaner Well-Known Member

    Have owned a Volcano and a Cloud Evo and find them to be miles apart in nearly every standard besides precision of temp control, durability (a real factor), and ease of use. The Evo wins hands down. Kicks its ass. I think the Zephyr Ion is just as good anyways. Volcano is outdated at its full price point, although there are always great deals kicking around craigslist.
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  21. h3rbalist

    h3rbalist I used to do drugs. I still do, but I used to, too


    Funny, but totally understandable.
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  22. Costis

    Costis New Member

    Good day guys
    Having both of them, I have to say that is difficult to choose my favorite. I really enjoy Evo for its flavor and the way that it hits me and it s my choise when I sit at my desk surfing on the internet but I love as well the fact that with the volcano I can have a bag and move in my house, doing stuff. I even take a shower sometimes with a bag next to me, you should try guys, it s totally awesome.
    Now if I had to choose only one, then probably I would go with Evo, only because I vape mostly by myself, ten years ago when we used to be a group of 3-4 people , I would choose volcano without a second thought.
    It all depends from the circumstances, no clear winner IMO
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