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Thermovape T1 Kit & Evolution Cart $60

Discussion in 'Sold, Traded, Found, Closed' started by Lo, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. Lo

    Lo Combustion free since '09

    I tried the T1 a few times - it just wasn't for me honestly. The first one I got the heater core was defective so they sent me a new heater core. I was able to heat the new core and tried 3 times to use it but... I guess I'm spoiled by other vapes. Just doesn't do a thing for me.

    Gave in to temptation and got the Evolution attachment to try. Tried on the T1 as well as a variable wattage mod. Again.... just not for me. Evolution tested 2 times, once on T1 and once on the VW mod.

    The whole lot has been sitting in the original package for quite some time now. Just put in batteries and tested the T1 to be sure core still heats and it does.

    Comes with T1, charger, car charger plug, 6 batteries, 1 short & 1 long black mouthpieces, 1 white mouthpiece, Evolution Flower Cart, all original packaging. All in excellent/barely used condition.

    Time to clear out some space in my vape closet ;)

    $60 - Includes PP fees, Insured/Tracked Priority Mail (USA only)

    Please PM with questions - If not familiar with device please read up on it, certainly not for everyone...or me lol.


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