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Thermovape T1 and windowed Revolution: Final Huge Price Drop!!

Discussion in 'Sold, Traded, Found, Closed' started by aj0125, Dec 27, 2013.

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  1. aj0125

    aj0125 Well-Known Member

    Portland, Oregon
    I have decided to get rid of my 2nd Thermovape T1 setup because I need money but do not really need a Cera and two T1s. Anyone who has used one knows that this is a great vape and that thermovape is a great company to work with. In this bundle I have:

    2 of the Tenergy chargers from thermovape
    2 Tennergy wall charge cords
    1 car charger cord
    12 barely used batteries for the T1
    1 complete white Thermovape t1 that is barely used (I ended up using my black one all the time)
    1 windowed Revolution cartridge for concentrates

    I do not have an adapter for the revolution, however if you unscrew the T1 bowl from the base the Revolution cartridge will screw right in and work like a charm (Thanks OF). For all of this I would really like to get $145 plus shipping, This is getting a lot of views but no buyers so to get this out the door I am going to lower the price to the very least I will take for the set: $100 total, Including shipping and paypal fees. This is a fantastic deal on a fantastic vape!! Can be delivered or picked up in the Portland metro area. Thanks for looking and FUCK COMBUSTION!!! SOLD


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