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Thermovape Cera / Essential Oil & Wax Cartomizer + Accessories

Discussion in 'Sold, Traded, Found, Closed' started by caporoot, Jun 5, 2014.

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  1. caporoot

    caporoot Vapor > Smoke

    Hey all!

    Selling my Thermovape Cera and REBUILT Essential Oil/Wax Cartomizer kit + Accessories for $200


    Cera Body:
    Great condition as there's just one small scrap on the bottom that is not noticeable when holding upright, other than that no other flaws - 9/10
    http://store.thermovape.com/cera-essential-oilwax-p24.aspx - $250 retail value

    Essential Oil/Wax Cartomizer:
    I just had this cartomizer rebuilt not even two weeks ago so its pretty much brand new again - 9/10
    (Picture below shows rebuilt status card, notice date)

    http://store.thermovape.com/cera-and-luna-essential-oilwax-cartridge-p33.aspx - $99 retail value
    http://store.thermovape.com/cartridge-rebuild-p67.aspx - $25+ value

    Accessories included:
    1x SmoothFlo Mouthpiece - http://store.thermovape.com/smooth-flow-moisture-conditioner-p42.aspx
    1x Ceramic Mouthpiece - http://store.thermovape.com/cera-ceramic-mouthpiece-p35.aspx
    1x O-Ring Kit - http://store.thermovape.com/o-ring-kit-p29.aspx
    1x Tenergy Battery Charger
    2x Panasonic CGR18650 3.7v 2250 mah batteries (only charged 20 times each)
    1x NCR18650PD 3.7v 2900 mah battery (original from Thermovape)
    1x white plastic rod for transporting without accidental activation

    This is a great vaporizer and produces monster clouds but I have finally found the vaporizer that best suits me and I need to start getting rid of my other vaporizers that are just collecting dust. My loss is your gain!

    Price: Retails for over $400 - Asking $200 shipped obo
    Trade: Specifically looking for UpTech's Core Pass through unit or a Hercules SR-74 - I will give this whole kit up for either + $120
    http://www.w9tech.com/the-core/ or http://www.w9tech.com/hercules-sr-74/)

    Thanks for viewing! more pictures below!


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