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the smell of weed(and my weird sense of smell)

Discussion in 'The Vapor Lounge' started by djonkoman, Feb 18, 2014.

  1. djonkoman

    djonkoman Well-Known Member

    I was wsondering if any of you can describe the smell of weed.

    the reason I'm asking is because lately weed smells different as it did before, but not all the time.

    first a little intro: I think I've mentioned my not-so-good sense of smell before. when I started smoking weed, I never smelled weed. even when my friends could smell the weed from 1-2 metres distance, in a closed baggie, I still smelled nothing if I held the opened baggie right under my nose. I also never smelled it when people in public places were smoking joints, cigs and joints smelled exactly the same to me, the smell of tobaccosmoke(since everyone here mixes weed/hash with tobacco).
    only when I started vaping I was able to taste weed(one exception was hash, in some cases with hashjoints I could distinguish a faint spicy hashtaste), and after that I was also sometimes able to taste it when smoking, but it was hard to distinguish behind the ash/smoke taste/smell.(I always smoked my weed pure btw, but even then I could only taste/smell smoke)
    so lately, over the past 1-2 years, my sense of smell has been improving. it started with random moments of very good sense of smell, discovering a lot of new smells(at the time I often drank energy drinks, only then I discovered those have a smell), butr those moments usually lasted only a few hours(never longer as a day), and happened only once every few weeks.

    the next phase was that those moments became more common, and my baseline sense of smell also began improving. by now I have discovered smells I never suspected to exist(for example, I would never have guessed that it is possible to smell chocolate when hovering my nose over a bar of chocolate).(there are still a lot of smells I've heard about but never experienced, I can't really remember if I ever smelled a fart, I also don't know the smell of dogs despite growing up with them, and one of my friends once claimed he can smell it when a woman has her period)

    but since a few weeks something strange has happened. my sense of smell is now the best it's been since I can remember, but some new smells have begun to appear. it started while I had a cold, so I assumed it were just phantom snmells(I've noticed a strange, unpleasant smell 1-2 times in my life while being sick), but this smell was different. by now I have discovered that the unpleasant smell I'm noticing lately is the backgroundsmell of the building where I live, it gets stronger if I haven't opened the window for a while, and it's also stronger in the corridor and stairs, it's kind of like lemon(maybe because of a cleaning agent?), but unpleasant, it's deeper as just lemon, maybe slightly like caramel too, I can't really describe it.

    anyway, on to the point: since I have started to notice the backgroundsmell in my building, weed also sometimes smells different as I'm used to. most commercial weed that you can buy in coffeeshops around here tastes alike, and I always experienced the basesmell as lemony, sweet, like flowers(or how I would imagine flowers to smell, since I've rarely been able to smell flowers). (imported) hash tastes different, but also very pleasant.
    but now when I smell my weed, or vape it, it tastes/smells very different. a deeper smell, like nothing I know so I can't describe it. still somewhat lemony, but very different. I think it smells unpleasant.
    this isn't all the time though, it happens every few days or so, and if I'm lucky it goes back to normal after the first stem/load, but sometimes it doesn't.
    since I moved a few months ago, I also got some of my favorite hash from my old hometown last week. most of the time it tasted like I'm used to, but also with that hash I think I had 1 or a few times where it tasted different. the unpleasant smell is mostly with weed though, maroc-hash also has it but it's less as with weed. it's not that bad, I still like to vape, but I rather have it tasting nice or not at all instead of (slightly) unpleasant.(btw, on that subject, my only earlier similar experience with a changing smell is during hangovers. if I have a hangover, wich is rare, I can't vape weed since the smell/taste somehow makes me puke, but hash is fine)

    so I was wondering, how do you experience the smell of weed?

    RUDE BOY Space is the Place

    djonkoman Enjoy your newly found sense of smell. Now it's time to stop and smell the Rose's and some sweet herbs.

    Now a days I'm finding flowers that smell like orange/pine or lemon/pine or curry, a few months ago lemon/diesel/skunk. Changes all the time here and I just have to buy the flavors and strains available at the time.
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2014

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