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The Nomad From Morwood

Discussion in 'Portable Vaporizers' started by Dan Morrison, Mar 26, 2016.

  1. VaporWare

    VaporWare Well-Known Member

    @Dan Morrison I’ve just been waiting for those updates and trying not to waste your time with a bunch of extra email, but I’ve felt bad for the people who aren’t in Batch 3 and aren’t getting many updates.

    If you’re okay with sharing them all publicly, I’d be happy to have everyone get a look at what’s going on. I’d even be interested in seeing Batch 1 and 2 BTS since I’m sure there’s at least some different info in them - pictures if nothing else. :)

    The finished paint job in yesterday’s update looks great by the way. I’d been liking the previous progress pics of it on Instagram a lot, but you’re right those new pigments really pop!

    It’s got a couple of elements that we’ve talked about too, so in some ways it’s a bit of a preview of mine! :popcorn:
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  2. flammy

    flammy Well-Known Member

    Hi Dan! By no means do I want to distract you from your process. Yes, I would love to see more pics but not at the expense of slowing down your process. I do understand that it isn't as easy as pushing a button to get a quality photo (post process can be a PITA).

    This said, I think it's possible that you're being too modest. I totally understand what you're saying when it comes to fresh material but you could take the same photo from a slightly different angle, post it and people would still enjoy taking a look.

    Putting things into perspective, you sold ~120 Okins (I believe). Your Okin tutorial has been viewed over 27k times....a tutorial. I have to imagine that there are a lot of lurkers when it comes to your work, Dan. For good reason too.
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  3. Penny Wise

    Penny Wise Active Member

    Yo thanks everyone! I have to save up but I'm gonna get on the list for one of these when it's realistic to do so. :D

    Thank you for this. I'm a tiny bit disappointed there's no circuitry cos I don't really see the value in that (aside from slightly reduced size) unless you're really obsessive about voltage drop. However, I can understand the design choice.

    Battery safety is insanely important. I know that firsthand. I've used 18650s for nicotine vaping for 4 years now so I'm well aware how bloody dangerous these things can be. It's really REALLY good you went over a few pointers cos if I didn't know anything about lithium batteries, well, vents are pretty scary and I don't want another one. LOL

    No worries at all! $300 or more is honestly about what I would expect for something of this quality. I mean, would I rather have a Firefly 2+ or one of these?...That was rhetorical. LMAO
  4. Dan Morrison

    Dan Morrison Well-Known Member Manufacturer

    @VaporWare , Hmm, Okay, I'll start posting them!

    I didn't do bi-weekly updates for batch 1 or 2, this was a new thing for this batch. Perhaps for batch 4 I'll post the updates in a public album, or on my instagram.

    @flammy , Dang, I didn't know that tutorial was viewed so many times! You got a point, haha.

    @Penny Wise , I've definitely thought hard about going with some sort of regulation.. But I always come back to mechanical as a best all-around solution, at least with the tech that's currently available.
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  5. Penny Wise

    Penny Wise Active Member

    Hey man, you're the artist. I say go with what works for you. If some form of regulation works for you in the future, if the tech improves or changes well, that option's open.

    You make some absolutely stunning pieces. I can't say I've really seen much like it out there. It's your art, your process, and anyone who wouldn't respect that is blind to taste.
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  6. jbm

    jbm Member

    VAS means it's never an OR situation, always an AND.
  7. Dan Morrison

    Dan Morrison Well-Known Member Manufacturer

  8. Ubiquito

    Ubiquito Well-Known Member

    Wow! Love these albums.
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  9. Ctipp22

    Ctipp22 Active Member

    Hell yes just got on this gravy train.
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  10. Copacetic

    Copacetic Somewhere North of The Wall

    Gorgeous stuff Dan.
    For some reason, the 'like' button has been refusing to work for me for a couple of weeks now :shrug:
    Mebbe I wore it out on your previous posts :rofl:
    But I DO like.....I like a LOT.
    The level of OCD attention to detail you exhibit is a joy to me, and I feel some relief that it's not just me that feels driven to drill down to this depth of obsession :o.
    Quite apart from the skill and effort evident here, the photography talent alone is enough to inspire jealousy :nod:

    I'm trying to find something negative to say here so I don't come off as a sycophant, but Dammit, even the mutt is gorgeous :dog:

    I really can't wait to see how my unit looks finished :whip:
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  11. Mr. Me2

    Mr. Me2 Well-Known Member

    Boy, I hope you’re still talking about your Nomad...
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  12. invertedisdead

    invertedisdead High Standards

    The Full Spectrum
    What an incredible little journey you just took me on Dan!

    I particularly enjoyed the part about the lichen harvesting/preparation, and the paint! I am totally blown away at the amount of passion you are putting into this! This is the most inspiring vaporizer I have ever seen.
  13. flammy

    flammy Well-Known Member

    Thanks as always, Dan. Long time lurker here but I was missing my Nomad picture update fix and couldn't help myself. Seeing those updates is therapeutic as I wait for my turn. That box elder with natural red is just...:drool:

    That was a really neat overview of the build process. That post should be pointed to for anyone who is curious about the Nomad. The pictures were great but the detailed written description really tied it all together.

    The attention to detail is just wonderful to see:

    "This is a design improvement for a few tiny reasons that probably only make sense in my overly critical mind, haha....the .010" gap that needs to be perfectly spaced around the entire outside of the bronze bottom plate." I love it.

    As with @Copacetic, I have nothing bad to say. Literally every Nomad that I have seen, I would have gladly purchased off the shelf. The fact that I can have a say in the design aspect make these all the much better. Keep it up, Dan. Thanks for taking the time to appease our curiosity.
  14. Ramahs

    Ramahs Fucking Combustion (mostly) Since February 2017

    The Internet
    I always look forward to Dan's bi-weekly updates, and very much appreciate the time he takes to do it.
    Time is valuable because it's finite. And I really appreciate when someone spends a bit more than they have to on keeping their customers happy and feeling cared for like Dan does.

    VGOODIEZ Retailer

    Unfriendly territory
    @Ramahs I totally agree. Mr. Morrison is indeed the man and makes you feel like you are the only one he's dealing with. It's part of the experience of thr Nomad.

    I rotate my vapes a lot and I came back around to the Nomad tonight as a nightcap to a Ditanium/Lotus combo (:lol: rough day). Glad I did. :nod:

    I really like the low module. Preheat is the key with this one and then regulate the heat with your draw. You can get really tasty low temps or surprisingly bigger rips if you master the skill.

    And that's just it for me actually. I think you stick with manual there Mr. Morrison. It's part of the 'art' of vaping that goes along with these beauties. I know some will complain but I say you don't deserve it if you can't use it. :D
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2019
  16. Bandoo

    Bandoo Well-Known Member

    Apart from the design and size, are there any advantages to the Nomad over the Milaana?
    Asking for a friend :)
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  17. Copacetic

    Copacetic Somewhere North of The Wall

    The Nomad can be almost completely dismantled by the user (cleaning, mainenance, not that either will be needed often, but I can't get access to the guts of my Millanas, which has been a bit of a problem for me on a couple of occasions).
    The heater can also be swapped on the Nomad, with Dan offering a couple or options, medium or high heat.
    There's also some wires in the Milaana, and Dan has managed to avoid the use of ANY wires in the Nomad, offering an arguably better electrical path (all of which is accesable, see above).

    The Nomad also avoids the tough to replace glass joint in the Millana.
    Drop a Nomad, and chances are high that all you'll have to do is order another stem from Dan (since I'm overseas I've ordered a spare, cheap and easy!).
    In fact, with an aftermarket wooden stem from Ed's TNT or Alan (and I might make some to sell myself :shrug:
    ) there's NO glass to worry about in the Nomad.

    Both vapes offer a safety feature to avoid accidental button presses while in a pocket, but to my mind the Nomads solution is the more 'elegant'.
    I only use my Milaana's at home, and have removed the guitar pick from my later Milaana as I just don't like the look of them.

    Of course, I LOVE my Milaana's, and it is a TOUGH vape to 'beat', and I don't yet have my Nomad to compare them directly vis-à-vis vapour performance and flavour, so for me, that remains to be seen.
    The two best tasting vapes I own are the Milaana, and my Woodscents, and I think that the Millana maybe JUST edges out the WS in that regard, but both are world class IMO.
    If the Nomad can match either for flavour I'll be a very happy man.
  18. Bandoo

    Bandoo Well-Known Member

    No glass! That's good breakage wise. With my Milaana's I dropped them a few times using a glass stem, and broke the female part. I ordered some spare glass cheap and replaced them myself.
    I eliminated the breakage altogether by making wood stems which can't leverage a break in the glass like a glass stem.
    So wondering if the heated steel heater capsule that replaces the female joint that contains the heater in the Milaana, (if I got the right idea) will add any metallic taste to the extraction?
    Sweet design though. Small is beautiful..easier to take around. :brow:
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  19. Ramahs

    Ramahs Fucking Combustion (mostly) Since February 2017

    The Internet
    Every time I sign-in to FC and see an update to the Nomad thread, I get excited!

    Thank you, everyone!
  20. Bandoo

    Bandoo Well-Known Member

    Anybody with a Nomad able to comment:?

    "So wondering if the heated steel heater capsule that replaces the glass female joint that contains the heater in the Milaana, (if I got the right idea) will add any metallic taste to the extraction?

    Sweet design though. Small is beautiful..easier to take around." :brow:
  21. Rooster

    Rooster Member

    Im pretty excited to be in batch 4 :)
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  22. Copacetic

    Copacetic Somewhere North of The Wall

    I can't comment much (:rofl:), as I dont have my Nomad yet, but reports from owners have all praised flavour (IIRC).

    IME the type of metal used (in the heater itself) and the temperature that metal reaches in operation are more likely to affect taste than other design elements (in these two models at least).
    Not to say that heater environs and herb chamber will have no effect, just that I think the heaters themselves will have far more.
    Dan has I think stated that the base of the Nomad heater doesn't get too hot to touch after a hit, which would indicate that the high surface area of the coil does a good job dissipating heat to air pulled through it, which would in turn indicate that little 'waste' heat is likely to reach the tube which the heater is inserted into.
    If it doesn't get particularly hot, then I'd expect it to have minimal impact on taste.
    These speculations are neither particularly informed nor unbiased (I have after all invested in a Nomad, which I hope to be good!) so take them for what they're worth (not much :shrug:)

    In a similar way that an e-cig coil with lots of turns and thick wire will not need to reach as high surface temperatures as one with less coils and thinner wire, high surface area heaters such as those in these two vapes can avoid getting their materials to tortuously high temperatures by virtue of having lots of surface for heat to be 'pulled' from by airflow.

    The same could be said for high mass vs low mass heaters.
    A low mass heater will have to get very hot, and maintain that heat, in order to dump enough heat into airflow in order to match a high mass heaters performance over the length of a draw long enough to heat herb to sufficient temp's for vapour.

    The disadvantage suffered by high mass heaters is greater 'heater lag', which necessitates more pre-heating and causes overshoot, which requires greater effort on the part of the operator to judge button timing and draw strength.

    Low mass/high surface heaters are where it's at to achieve balance between 'hot metal' taste and heater lag IME.

    My :science: is bro-science at it's best, though, so garnish with plenty of salt, and scepticism :mental:

    Actual owners in possession of Nomads will likely be able to furnish much more concise and informed opinion re' flavour :lol:
  23. GetLeft

    GetLeft Well-Known Member

    Convection City
    My bro science agrees. I've noticed nothing but herb flavors, especially with the lower heat heater which is a flavor monster. I use the higher heat heater exclusively and get slightly hotter vapor which diminishes things on the flavor end by a wee bit but certainly haven't had any unpleasant tastes.
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  24. SloJimFizz

    SloJimFizz Unknown Member

    Joe's Garage Jamming
    My Milaana needs it's broken glass joint replaced. Is it as easy as pulling out and replacing the glass joint? The glass just sits right above the heater, correct?

    With the Nomad, the steel heater tube does not replace the glass joint, as in your stem does not enter the steel tubing at all. Just comes to rest right above the heater, like the Milaana does, just without the glass between. Your question is kinda like asking if the mesh heater of the Milaana imparts a metallic taste, which neither unit does. Two of my all-time favorites.

    It's a wonderful stem Alan, thanks!
    The dosing capsule did fit, but a tad loose. The screens you provided are all I've been using. One screen method, load tamped slightly.
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  25. tepictoton

    tepictoton Well-Known Member

    a funny place called earth
    @Dan Morrison thanks for showing us al these little tricks and treats. Sure makes one feel like being part of something that has more value then just buying a mass produced, soulless object. It is clear these devices come with a soul included...:cool:

    Also love how you keep trying and changing things, giving the Nomad life and growth. I still think he is in his very early years, and needs you to help him discover who he really is:)

    It all feels very organic to me, something I really like.
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