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TBI / frontal lobe injury

Discussion in 'Medical Discussion' started by MinnBobber, Jul 2, 2019.

  1. MinnBobber

    MinnBobber Well-Known Member

    Nephew was just in motorcycle accident with no helmet so TBI / frontal lobe injury and fractured skull (at base of the back of skull)

    Bad scene indeed.

    Anyone have link to studies on cannabis and brain injuries? I’m searching too, for a good one to share with his non-cannabis relatives.
    Cannabis is certainly being shown to be effective for
    brain injuries as brain has huge amount of CB1 receptors.
    And the US Patent Office certainly agrees as Dept of Human Svcs has patent on cannabis as a protector against brain injuries and for use in treating brain

    I want to find some articles or studies to help them see the potential of incorporating cannabis in his recovery.

    His life may be forever changed???
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  2. FlyingLow

    FlyingLow Team NO SLEEP!

    I am so sorry to read this and am pulling for his recovery.

    My dad had a bad wreck as a teenager, but it wasn't until a friend of mine lost his leg in a motorcycle crash a few years ago when I became terrified of the bikes.
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  3. Ramahs

    Ramahs Fucking Combustion (mostly) Since February 2017

    The Internet
    Sorry to hear that happened to your nephew, @MinnBobber .

    I can only hope for the best recovery possible for him.
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  4. C No Ego

    C No Ego Well-Known Member

    grannystormcrow list is a thing because she uses cannabis to treat a brain injury ( hit in head with hammer) since college. not sure f you have been on the list yet but it has the most research on cannabis... she is compiling this years 2019 list and putting it out in aug or sep
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  5. hafalump

    hafalump Well-Known Member

    Down the rabbit hole
    Side of the brain that was injured will matter. My brother was in an accident, injury to right frontal lobe.
    He was in a coma for several months. The injury involved the part of the brain that considers risk, evaluates the situation, then chooses an action. He is unable to make wise choices, this has led to many problems for him. Cannabis has been an impediment for him. The brain is sooooo complex, only time will tell. The healing process will continue for years as the brain re wires it self, but he was never the same.
    I can not listen to “Day in the Life” with crying. “He blew his mind out in a car”
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  6. VaporWare

    VaporWare Well-Known Member

    Even with a “normal” brain (if that exists) it’s hard to predict exactly how a psychoactive molecule will affect someone. Even psychiatric drugs with a long history of studies and use monitored by psychiatrists can be unpredictable...

    I’ve seen people claim that cannabis and psychedelics have helped them mentally (cannabis has helped me a lot), including with brain damage, but there are also people who say they’ve been detrimental...

    Without understanding these substances *and* our brains and an individual case of brain damage better, I think the best anyone could give you is an educated guess about whether or not it will help someone, and unfortunately I can’t even give that. :(

    I think if he’s capable of making decisions he’d have to make his own, and if not his family should seriously consider it...there’s just no obvious answer for someone in his situation, but if it were me I would at least try.

    I hope he recovers as well as he can, and that other people reading this who may not wear helmets will reconsider that decision.
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  7. MinnBobber

    MinnBobber Well-Known Member

    He has been in this totally sedated state/ breathing tube, etc for a week as they attempt to reduce sedation and if breathing ok, remove the breathing tube. On a previous attempt, he got super agitated and they needed 6 staff to hold him down so that was a no go, and back on sedation.

    The really sad part is that this was a motorcycle "spill" , just a going onto the gravel shoulder and going down back on the pavement and sliding.
    IF he had been wearing a helmet, he'd be at home today drinking a beer and changing a few bandaids :(

    Hoping for the best but some possibilities are really nasty.....
  8. EverythingsHazy

    EverythingsHazy Well-Known Member

    Here's an open letter from Dr. Lester Grinspoon (M.D.), to the commissioner of the NFL, suggesting they look into Cannabis' use in regards to combating concussive brain injury.

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