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someone try this vaporizer.

Discussion in 'ABV' started by Adamblake Onders, Feb 7, 2014.

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  1. Adamblake Onders

    Adamblake Onders New Member

    i was doing some really intensive googling for my ideal vape unit, and stumbled across what I consider to be the holy grail of vaporizers.


    It sounds like a dream. it vaporizes your herbals while at the same time vaporizing water, then delivers you a combination of both.

    OR, can also vaporize any sort of oil while you consume your herbals. You'll get a combination of both.

    It's a DRAW BASED VAPORIZER- The system vapes when it FEELS YOU INHALING.

    Anyways, back to brass tacks.
    Currently, it's only being sold by a medical research company. They arent even marketing it at the general public, but you can get one if you contact the company directly.

    I feel like this could be the mother theresa of all vaporizers, but I don't have the money to take a gamble on it. If anyone else does, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE just let me know if it pays off. Because I'd be their sevcond customer.
  2. Adamblake Onders

    Adamblake Onders New Member

    - from their site

    Is the AroMed classified as a medical device?

    Not yet, until our field research has not ended. A scientific conclusion (double blind tests are to be repeated, but till now medications seem to be very successful when used against symptoms of bronchial diseases) will be published.
    Still, in Europe some six medical insurance companies have, after thorough single evaluations, decided to refund the AroMed 100% when bought.
  3. Tweek

    Tweek Well-Known Member

  4. Adamblake Onders

    Adamblake Onders New Member

    Thanks alot for the reference.

    This is the only place i could have ever even HOPED to find a review on it.

    Like what i read. Think i'll buy it and give it a go.
  5. lazylathe

    lazylathe Almost there...

    Ontario, Canada
    ALso have a look at the Herbalizer, it is also a halogen based vape.
    I have both the Aromed and the Herbalizer.
    Herbalizer is easier to use, clean and maintain.
    No glass to break that needs to be strapped to the back of the unit either.

    The Aromed is a great unit but i think the Herbalizer has blown it away.

    Have a look here:
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