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Solo Rap!

Discussion in 'The Vapor Lounge' started by DDave, Feb 22, 2014.

  1. DDave

    DDave Vape Wizard Accessory Maker

    Did I hear correctly that someone was seeking a RAP over in the Solo Thread? Ok, here goes...

    This is for you fellas
    Ha ha ha
    Something I cooked up in the Vape House
    ABV bakin in my kitchen ha ha ha yeah

    [Verse One]
    Foolish Combusters will never learn
    Smoking and wasting killer herb till their lungs do burn.
    Then spend the next few days feeling like crap.
    Unable to run even just a few laps
    Just got a letter from my old best friend
    Picked him self up some funky atmos pen
    He wanna come over but he don't know when
    Could I look over his stash till then
    So first I dig into his stash of Fruit Loops
    Draped in white tricoms and orange... uh, oops..
    Damn, dropped 1/2 his stash in the trash, shit-damn!
    So rushing back to the dispensary again.
    Never running around town with a sack of rocks
    I don't wear Polo shirt with the matching socks
    Uh, Mom I promise one day I'll stop
    I'll give up and take all those damn pills.... HEY NOT!!!!

    I Come equipped with a Solo, woh woh...
    Packin stems, not bowls, woh woh....
    I Come equipped with a Solo, woh woh...
    Packin stems, not bowls, woh woh....

    [Verse Two]
    Now DDave packs a stem first and then packs the next.
    DDave represent that bag of California trix!
    Silly punks jealous when they see My Stash
    Off to my dispensary they're making the dash..
    Sitting here gettin by and sittin here gettin high
    One or two grams and I'll let my birds fly
    Everybody knows that my WaterTool is not dry
    If you say it is you're a d-d-damn lie
    Rolling through life with my sack of weed
    Feel like the ruler of a small country.
    Wifey never gives me hell cause I love my weed
    Cause she really rocks and gives me space to breathe
    Trying to dodge death and trying to dodge jail
    Keep my Req handy so I tell the cops to bail.
    Yeah, I used to be dizzy as hell
    Now medicated, laughing I go, where before I fell


    I Come equipped with a Solo, woh woh...
    Packin stems, not bowls, woh woh....
    I Come equipped with a Solo, woh woh...
    Packin stems, not bowls, woh woh....

    [Verse Three]
    Grind another bud from the fat ass dime
    Gripping wood, Ed's TNT treatin me just fine.
    So ripped, you see the slits of my eyes?
    Munching ABV edibles make this last long time!
    Remember when I begged you to buy me bongs
    Now I buy vapes and glass all day long.
    Pray to the Lord and ask why combusters hate
    Cause some got the brains 'bout the size of grapes
    Twenty-two Jayrzz holding a ton
    And the candy kush oz costs two-eighty-five, hun
    Even if I'm in my swimming pool having fun
    Solo's standing by like a fricking loaded gun
    I'm asking you please can you take me out West
    Where I hear the weed is simply the best!
    Trying to count punches on my card, I got eleven
    One more punch, free gram, I'm in heaven!


    The day is here
    Drop the lighter.
    Vape, don't fight her!
    Two double 0z, top shelf
    And it just don't quit
    No it just don't stop
    Chunk pipes!
    Blow fumes!
    Elevated.... :rockon:
  2. TommydCat

    TommydCat Well-Known Member

    You have achieved the next level. :rockon:
    DDave likes this.
  3. DDave

    DDave Vape Wizard Accessory Maker

    Thanks TommydCat! :cheers:

    Will absolutely be more to follow..... :nod:
    TommydCat likes this.
  4. Buildozer

    Buildozer Baked & Fried

    Daaamn.. DDave must stand for DoggyDave :D
    Quetzalcoatl and Dr. Soxhlet like this.
  5. Caligula

    Caligula Maximus

    SB420 Land!

    lol, way too much free time. ;)

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