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Should I ditch my Vapir No2

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by as1504, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. as1504

    as1504 Member

    I have lost the power cord to my vape because we were moving my now deceased granny's belongings. We got the vape for her and it helped her tremendously so that she didn't get septic and die a painful death, knocked out by drugs. Anyway, while she was living, I had to replace to battery which cost me 30 bucks. Female hole into which you would place a charger says 13v. I have heard from people that they have used universals or different cords and they worked out well. These guys didn't seem to know too much.

    Should I pay for new cord from Vapir and give them more of my money? Is what these other people say true? Can you use another cord to charge the battery just fine?

    For those who think I should give up on the Vapir No2, which brand do you recommend? I've been partial to da buddah for a while.

    Thank you in advance for those willing and able to help. Hugs to everyone else.
  2. Soulhunter

    Soulhunter Active Member

    I would defenitly trash tha vapir (anything vapir is trash IMHO) and get a buddah ;)

    But to answer your q, yes u can buy a universal adapter and that would work. Just be 100% sure you get the voltage (V) And Ampere (A) korrect. There r hundreds of adjustable transformers so u dont need the one from Vapir ;)

    EDIT: Just to clarify, electronicks like this uses mili amperes, so it would say mA, not just A!
  3. al bundy

    al bundy Vaporist

    You could run the no2 on a 12 volt power adapter and it will work fine but it may take longer to charge battery while using to vape.
    if you remove.or flip the battery, the no2 will heat up and preform like its a 13 volt pa.
    if you use the 12 volt pa it will charge the battery just fine,but like I said above
    if you vape with the 12 volt pa it may take a little longer to heat up because its also charging the battery.
    and if you like the no2 id wait for Vapid to have a sale when you could get a whole new.unit for $130.
    and have a whole extra unit and battery,top piece...
  4. sessnet

    sessnet Noob Saibot

    Some people (like me) had some problems with units smelling like burnt rubber or plastic. When you open yours, if you do not notice that smell, you are one of the lucky ones who got one that didn't smell, OR you don't mind the smell.

    If the smell doesn't bother you, you should try it at least. You might like it, and then make a decision whether to keep or try another.

    I would have loved to keep mine, but I couldn't stand the smell of burnt rubber.
  5. darkrom

    darkrom Great Scott!

    I personally have had very strongly negative experiences with anything Vapir branded that I have used. When people ask me which vaporizer they should buy, Vapir products are not on that list of many options.

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