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Severe symptom withdrawal

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by banianz, Jul 16, 2014.

  1. banianz

    banianz Well-Known Member

    Hi guys,
    I read this forum since months ( evidently not enough to prevent my stupidity) ....
    Im a cannabis heavy user since 10 years, and i quit tobacco 2 years ago.
    I started vaping since three month but in the last 2 i definitely overdose with concentrate.
    I vaped almost 3 gram a day , for 2 month and now i decided to take a break....
    Terrible things happened to me....is now a week that i dont vape and i went thru all sorts of pain, diarrea, etc
    Yesterday i had an inflammation in the pelvic area that magically disappeared after one day( and some arnica) then today i woke up with a enormous swollen gum( without any apparent reason).
    For how long i will experience this type of withdrawal? Is already a week! On the other side i feel happy and more clean and clear, i sleep good( probably because i wake up early and work a lot in the field) but my body is litterally fallin apart!im generally really healty and i dont get sick since 4 years, I eat really healty and drink lots of water ( and some session ipa :)) but this seems to me a real heroin withdrawal!!!
    Have you ever heard of a stupid like me who abused so much of concentrates? I think i vaped 100 gramm in the last two month..... Was so tasty......:)
    Thank you so much, im startin to gettin worried
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  2. 215z

    215z Well-Known Member

    As with most things, tapering seems easier than cold turkey.

    I've heard of such people who vape ridiculous amounts of concentrate, but I thought they all lived in Southern California? (just kidding guys!)
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  3. banianz

    banianz Well-Known Member

    Today my gums are almost normal....
    Now its day 9 .....Lets see how it goes
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  4. lwien

    lwien Well-Known Member

    Arcadia, California
    Hang in there banianz. It'll get better, I promise. But if you ever consider to start up again, you have to ask yourself if you have the ability to control your usage down to moderate levels. If you don't have the ability to do that, than I suggest to stay away from it.

    Like most everything else, moderation is key and if you overdo it, there typically is a price to pay.
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  5. banianz

    banianz Well-Known Member

    Like most everything else, moderation is key and if you overdo it, there typically is a price to pay.[/QUOTE]

    Wise words bro!
    Like the buddha said, the middle way is the right way!
    Thank you for your support!!
    I think is part of a path that im dooing...
    I think ganja ( and derivates)is a real medicine, holy medicine for soul and body. I came from a real big caotic and polluted city, and it helped me so much to enlight me...
    Now is almost five years that i live in super natural and wild places and i feel that i dont need so much medicine like before...
    I fall down i this concentrate tunnel because i m kind of new of this chemical alchemy.... And i love the taste!!
    I fall in the mistake that pure=better but is not always correct!!
    I think i would like to clean my self for a month and then restart to vape good organic weed! :)
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