Recycler bub, torch, HE dual Ti dome less, quartz nail

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  1. JSteez4205

    JSteez4205 aka Gordon NugzB

    Up for FREE is a little recycler bub I picked up errlier this wkend upon arriving to Denver, the vortex isn't spectacular and there is a small crack in the glass by the joint(14mm) that does not affect function. Honestly the bubbler isn't anything spectacular but I needed a rig while I was vacationing in Denver.. Functions fine though! Plus you get a free torch lighter and a can of hitman butane just purchased today and only used once to fill the torch to finish off some wax I bought. A Highly Educated dome less dual Ti seasoned here in Denver(brought new from home) and what seems to be a quartz nail(it cleans itself when heated red hot a charachteristic I have found of Quartz over glass nails).

    Any ways. Not traveling home with this and hope to give it to a FC member rather than the hotel staff or worse the trash :(

    I'm staying downtown at Hotel Monaco. 18th & Champa I believe if anyone wants to come pick up.. I won't be able to clean it and it's been a fun weekend just for a heads up.. PM me with any inquiries.. I will also accept Dabs or a vape session as trade!! :tup:
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