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Recommendations to replace my broken Davinci

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by dampo, Feb 5, 2019.

  1. VaporWare

    VaporWare Well-Known Member

    The MV-1 has a lot of fans and it’s probably at least one of the best mass produced full convection vaporizers with a regulated heater (which you can roughly set to a specific temperature) on the market, but there are a variety of other great options you can find here, and these are some examples:

    Unregulated: Nomad, Milaana 1 & 2, MVT 1 & 2, Li’l Bud

    510 attachments: Splinter, Splinter Z, iHeat, Imp, Glow, Tubo

    Regulated: Firewood 5, Li’l Bud Elite (close to release?), Zion (discontinued, similar heater in Splinter Z)

    Desktop: FlowerPot, Herborizer, Glass Symphony, Ditanium, G43, various logs

    I have some reservations about the MV-1, and out of all of these my first two choices have been the FlowerPot and Nomad, but I’ve seriously considered buying an MV-1 since they seem to have worked out a lot of the problems they had at first, and I still might buy one someday.

    My guess though is that an MV-2 would have a better shot at my money because I don’t like the size or some of the materials or a couple of other design choices too much. If you’re specifically looking for a mass produced, regulated, full convection vaporizer though, it may be your best option right now.

    There are some other good options too, but I’m not sure which of them are full convection, so if you want other mass produced convection options you might check out the Feirce, I think maybe ArGo? Someone else can probably give you a better list in that area.

    Anyway, while I do like conduction heaters too, I use convection a lot more and it’s a lot more convenient, so unless you’re primarily into longer sessions I think you’re on the right track. :)
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  2. TiSteamo

    TiSteamo VAPEnsiero... sull'ali dorate...

    I find that the swift pro's mouthpiece is a little tight and the shot is a bit difficult. I have read this opinion of other people as well. Is it a characteristic of convection? Long and slow shots?
    Which is the device with the best steam flow?
  3. VaporWare

    VaporWare Well-Known Member

    Most or all of the stuff I mentioned has pretty open airflow.

    For example, unless the screen is pretty dirty the FlowerPot only has noticeable restriction for me if I run it through a lot of water, and even then it’s not too restricted. You can further restrict it with the carb cap though, and that’s more noticeable to me.

    There are differences between all of them though. For example I hear the Milaana 2 has more restriction than the 1 which I hear is very open, but my guess is neither of them is anywhere near as tight as a lot of the smaller units.

    However, long and slow draws are common in convection vaporizers. The alternative is turning up the temp and increasing the draw speed on a smaller load. For example if I set the FlowerPot to 600 and take a long slow draw I get a slow start to vapor production (faster with the carb cap on) but once it’s going I can slowly draw out as much vapor as I have lung capacity to pull, and if I turn it up to 750 I can get quick vapor with a medium-fast draw and fully extract a small load (just covering the screen which is fairly wide) in 1-2 shorter and faster hits.

    I should also note those are the coil temps, not the temps that actually hit the flower. If you load too much or draw too slow at too high a temp you can scorch or even fully combust your load, but if you learn what you like you can dial it in and use anything within that range (or a bit outside it) with good results and no combustion. The worst I’ve ever done in the FlowerPot is a little scorching.

    The Nomad is another interesting case. Since it has swappable low/medium and medium/high temp heaters you can tailor it to the way you want to use it easier than you can do it with other unregulated devices. Others require more pulsing of the button to adjust the heat coming through if you don’t always want them at full power.

    Everything I listed should be good to great though, so check some out and see what you like! :)
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