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RBT Splinter vs. Lil' Bud

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by Baked-not-fried, Oct 1, 2018.

  1. Baked-not-fried

    Baked-not-fried Welcome to the comfort zone, how may I help you?

    So, I dig my Splinter. Does me right most every time. The only downside I can gripe on is I need to run it through water due to hot vapor, no biggie. I really love the look and testimonials that come with the Lil' Bud. I know I'd have no problem adjusting to unregulated, no biggie. I had a couple questions to compare the two:

    1. Is the vapor any cooler from the LB or can I expect the same heat factor?

    2. Would the LB w/stock stem be smaller/shorter than my Splinter on an evic Primo with the stock shorty stem?

    These are the only two areas MY Splinter falls short. Vapor is fuckin' hot and it's not very portable. Would I be justified in forking out the cash for a LB? The LB is the last thing on my VAS list. If I really don't need it, I can tag it as a 'if it happens' kinda thing. I really appreciate any advice/nuggets of wisdom! Have a great week!
  2. chimpybits

    chimpybits Well-Known Member

  3. Alexis

    Alexis Well-Known Member

    Have you tried either of the cooling mouthpieces for the Splinter? The Xl8r stem by RBT and the Milaana cooling mouthpiece? May be worth a look.
  4. Vapeur Rogue

    Vapeur Rogue Est. 2013- Never Lookin' Back

    A further idea if you can afford to wait, get a Lil'Bud Elite when they come out- the upcoming regulated sibling to the Lil'Bud.
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  5. KeroZen

    KeroZen Chronic vapaholic

    On Air
    With a wood stem it's going to be even hotter than with a glass one, no doubt about that. I recall reading several members saying the LB was even hotter than the Milaana.

    The wood stem I got from Alan with my iHeat is shorter than the Milaana stock one. It's really hard for my throat. Plus it gives a wooden taste, which to me has zero interest, but some might like that...
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  6. elykpeace

    elykpeace exVASted


    Had a v1 mi and a v1 LB and the LB seems less harsh on my throat.

    Never tried a turbulator version of the mi ... Don't like the glass with the copper swinging door and I broke a few short stems during lipstick incidents where there's no issue with the wood stem ... Stays in tight and if it drops it's safe.
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  7. little maggie

    little maggie Well-Known Member

    The splinter and LB are totally different- I don't think comparing vapes with box mods with those with batteries makes sense. The milaana, MVT and the LB are very similar. The iheat, tubo are more like the splinter. I think there is an upcoming LB that will be more similar to the splinter but I'm not sure.
    You don't "need" another vape but I think there are advantages to having a smaller vape like the milaana, mvt or lb.
  8. bossman

    bossman Gentleman Of Leisure

    I just recently got my Splinter dialed in and I too enjoy it with water.

    I said in another thread that my v2 LB is currently my favorite vape. I got a 3.5" stem with a glass insert from Alan and it's easy to get big convection clouds without heat or harshness.

    The one button interface really appeals to me. You become aware of the heater as you draw and each hit is like one throw of a Frisbee or swing of a tennis racquet or golf club.

    That said I haven't made myself get enough reps with the short stem to speak on it.

    I don't wear dad jeans and wouldn't be able to pocket either vape comfortably. The LB is shorter though, yeah.
  9. eideal852

    eideal852 Well-Known Member

    ooooweeee! searching for LB:Mi comparisons (damn you r/entexchange!) and who do we have here but big bossman...
    So is this still accurate? LB in top slot? hows it vs: Mi?
  10. bossman

    bossman Gentleman Of Leisure

    Whatup champ!

    I've never tried a Milanna and don't know how it compares to the LB. The Splinters have my top spot since the DNA and now I'm super impressed with simple wattage with the V1 on the rxg3d.

    Worth noting that Mike at Vapwood has the LB Elite about ready and my guess is that will compare more directly to the 510 HSA devices. He's building it on the 75C chip that's in that Hcigar mod.

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