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Qwiso + abv + ejmix

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by Hoosier, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. Hoosier

    Hoosier Well-Known Member

    Used about 1 oz abv from my pax to make some very dark qwiso a while back. Taste was awful out of a micro g pen, but certainly was good at putting me to sleep. Today I finally got around to mixing it with some ejmix and loaded it into its own mpt3. 3 or 4 puffs tonight and I am ready for bed. Taste is better and practically no smell. Highly recommended way to use abv.... Had done capsules the last couple of rounds, but they tend to work the gut a bit too much for my liking.
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  2. Blazein5

    Blazein5 Well-Known Member

    thats good to hear, got some ejmix for qwiso a while back but been too chicken to try.
    any tips for mixing?
  3. 215z

    215z Well-Known Member

    I was chicken to start with good wax, so I used MFLP stem reclaim... lovely
  4. SHOCKWAVE/Rickvan

    SHOCKWAVE/Rickvan Wow just Wow

    Hi all
    How is it going ? I just want to say I love this website/forum and the fact that I recently rediscovered concentrates :clap:and it made me very happy as u can see !!!! it has made me have a happier outlook on life in general these days :rockon:also I had recently switched off of tobacco and turned on to e-cigarettes and I am feeling better for it its only been 2 months but wow feeling great !!!! I'm not getting any younger:myday: these days and bud is dead to me :rip: long live sap and shadder :smug:

    Also I mentioned to the fella in my e-cig store that I would love to put sap into the pens he mentioned that
    E J Mix is the way to go to allow for concentrates to stay in a stable mixture and be able to be vapored in e-pens but stupid me I tried to mix various e-cig juices together along with clear PG to try and create a substitute for E J Mix but failed for a month and a half,,, as I had researched E J Mix in Canada and had a tough time finding it but I found it through ejmix.ca 's web site this is the Canadian distributer of E J mix
    and I'm sure glad I found it because E j Mix is the friggin best thing to happen to pot since well someone figured out how to make pot concentrate. Lololololol :rofl:

    Anyway a shout out to ejmix.ca for allowing me to live again !!!!!!!!!!
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  5. herbivore21

    herbivore21 Well-Known Member

    Glad to here you are enjoying the concentrates :) Me too!

    Beware of ejuice solvents though man, PG/VG/ethanol are unsafe for vaping (due to thermal degradation byproducts created by heating these substances) of concentrates - and unnecessary as well, since shatter and sap can be vaped in vape pens which were purpose made for these consistencies :)
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  6. SHOCKWAVE/Rickvan

    SHOCKWAVE/Rickvan Wow just Wow

    Hi I thank u for ur comments but e juice cant be more harmfull than ciggarettes and studys suggest that they produce less harmfull chemicals than ciggarettes do so ya ima stick with my e j mix and remember smoking anything is not what humans were ment to do since we do then I chose the cleanest way

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  7. phooka

    phooka Well-Known Member

    actually.. it can be worse. lol they don't know shit about VG/PG vaping yet. Anything they say now is equal to what people said about cigarettes back in the day. They used to think cigs where good for you, and "studies suggested" accordingly. until they found out they were wrong/being lied to.

    meanwhile I stopped using ejuice. Nowadays I consider it akin to sticking my snoot on a fog machine. i hate fog machines. They make me cough.

    Your thread probably got moved because it was (no offense, i enjoyed it) a stoned rant with no inquiry really I can see, you are just basically advertising some ejmix company whose link I am definitely not going to follow, ON YOUR FIRST POST
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  8. SHOCKWAVE/Rickvan

    SHOCKWAVE/Rickvan Wow just Wow

    Ok im over my anger at being violated in the forum on my first day posting so Go E J Mix go!!!!

    Ummm no bro ur wrong on me just trying to advertise a product I stated facts in my post like taking 2 months just to find a sorce of e j mix in canada and trying to make a stable mixture from different e liquids with differing components ie vg pg glycol and so forth. So as for your suggestion im advertising for a product your wrong!!!!!! Big time I also found out that this company has exclusive rights to e j mix in canada IE: canadian distributor
    Unlike in the usa e j mix is not well known yet !!!!!!
    Also stoped smoking ciggs 2 months ago and im already feeling better lung capacity and have more energy being 51 this matters a lot and long term effects wont matter cause I only got 30 years max left and who wants to live forever?????? Not me

    There has been a lot of testing done there are far less harmfull chemicals in these juices but the trade off is heavy metals there is a chance that more concentrations of those could be produced in the cheeper e-pens using crapy metal as coil material and other sub standard parts that would heat up and give off harmful vapors

    Bro just follow the directions on the lable I didn't do that I doubled up on the e j mix 2 parts e j to 1 part sap or goo or shadder or wax so 1 g of smokeables to 2 parts
    E J Mix I find that that mixture gets me flying good quickly

    ummmm no in the 40's and 50's they didn't have the tech they do now and can and know how to analyze all these various devices so no sorry to tell you we know more than they did back then !!!!!
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  9. phooka

    phooka Well-Known Member

    "Anyone will tell you anything to sell you something"
  10. SHOCKWAVE/Rickvan

    SHOCKWAVE/Rickvan Wow just Wow

    that's a jaded outlook on life its more like do the research see what results they have come up with,, also research who asked them to do that research if its big tobacco then disregard and move on to research that's independent !!!!!!!

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