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Question regarding wet buds

Discussion in 'Vaporizables' started by Laantje, Feb 13, 2017.

  1. Laantje

    Laantje Well-Known Member

    The Netherlands
    Hello everybody.

    First of all, I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right place for this.

    I have never tried growing a plant of my own. While I really do wish to, my home situation just prevents me from doing it. However, I bought a bag of buds last saturday which still seems to be a little bit wet. It does make me high and the flavour is good too, but the vapor is really harsh on my throat and grinding it is a hell.

    What is the best way to dry them? Right now I have it packed in toilet paper inside my closet but I'm worried that mold might appear.
  2. howie105

    howie105 Well-Known Member

    A dry, warm space will do but adding darkness and moderate air flow to the mix is even better. I have a cabinet that I use for small drying tasks but I need to fan the door a few times daily for the airflow.
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  3. seaofgreens

    seaofgreens My Mind Is Free

    Get a piece of brown cardboard from a box. Gently lay the buds on top in a place they can be left undisturbed. Check every hour. You want to pick up the bud, and squeeze it a bit. You are looking for it to feel dry but still have just a bit of spongy give before dryly breaking up. Try not to dry it to where it will powder when you break it up, but it isn't the end of the world if so.
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  4. Laantje

    Laantje Well-Known Member

    The Netherlands
    Hmm thanks for the advice guys will try that out if I encounter this problem again.

    As I said I left it in toilet paper since yesterday morning and when I came back from school 10 minutes ago it seemed to be dry enough :)

    Leaving it in toilet paper works fine it seems. I did read something about weed and paper creating moist though(not sure if its true), so the next time I'll follow up your advices to avoid that.
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  5. mccringleberry

    mccringleberry Well-Known Member

    I put a silica gel packet in the jar I keep it in. If it's really bad I'll leave the lid open. Takes a few days but always works like a charm for me. PRO TIP: Silica is only temporary. Once the nugs are relatively dry remove the silica as overdrying is bad, mkay. It will continue to dry/cure naturally after the silica is out of there, so monitor silica usage closely. Don't use it unless you have to. You never want your buds crispy without any sponginess, that means the terpenes are getting killed off.
    If you're doing ultra long term storage, then natural overdrying is inevitable and that's where Boveda packs come into play.
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  6. herbivore21

    herbivore21 Well-Known Member

    Wait, school? You are an adult aren't you? Hopefully you mean college/university by this one - this is not a place for minors.

    49% boveda packs are a very useful item for this purpose. Put your flowers in a sealed container with some of these.

    Otherwise, spread your buds in a very thin layer (break them down to be smaller as then much more airflow can get around them) and leave them in an open, well ventilated space covered with a stocking or mesh cover for outdoor dining. throw a few silica gel packs in the mix to aid the moisture getting out.
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  7. Laantje

    Laantje Well-Known Member

    The Netherlands
    20 years old, from The Netherlands. Read my other posts, if I wasn't above 18 I wouldn't be able to visit coffeeshops anyway. Yes I still have school, atleast that's what we call it here. I follow a course for Game Development(Programming). I guess its called college in the US? Oh well, the system works different here so its weird to compare.

    Thanks for the advice by the way :)

    Edit: Oh and by the way, in my previous post I actually meant creating mold instead of moist lol
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2017
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  8. herbivore21

    herbivore21 Well-Known Member

    No problem my friend :) Had to check, no assumptions at all as to your age :peace:

    I understood that you meant mold too, you are right to be careful about this in future :)

    I suggest spreading it in small pieces on a large surface if you get flower that is too dry if your flower is too wet still. Glass is preferable as a surface - clean it well first with isopropyl alcohol. Make sure the room is not too warm (not too cold either, this can cause issues with condensation related moisture) and ensure that the room is dry and be prepared to stink the place up a while lol
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  9. Burt

    Burt Well-Known Member

    Over the Herbaceous Border
    Do you really mean 49%? That seems very dry!

    I've used the 62% Boveda packs for some years, and have found them perfect for long-term curing.
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  10. Baron23

    Baron23 Well-Known Member

    I also have moved to 62% from lower humidity levels based on Boveda's recommendation and a number of members here I trust. I have been using them for about 6 months and I am happy with the moisture level of my bud.

    I keep my bud in locking bail type canning jars with a 62% Boveda. I take a few grams out and put them in a wood drying box for a few days, grind it fine, if still damp back in the box, if not into a Space Case. Probably more anal than I need to be, but it works.

    I would definitely say that with my older bud, that 62% packs are not keeping the bud too moist.
  11. C No Ego

    C No Ego Well-Known Member

    if you can get access to a RH meter ( relative humidity) and leave that meter in a air tight jar with your cannabis you can regulate it's humidity level and get it at a stable humidity... the bovidas and a rh meter will be your best bet
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  12. GreenHopper

    GreenHopper 20 going on 60

    I totally agree, I went for a bunch of these:

    Mini Digital LCD Indoor Convenient Temperature Sensor Humidity Meter Thermometer Hygrometer Gauge Free Shipping

    • They are cheap @ $3.48 each
    • Small
    • Simple

    I also use the Boveda 62%, I suspect @herbivore21 suggested the 49%'s because @Laantje is trying to bring the RH down from quite damp buds (well that's how I interpreted it anyhow).

    Another option is to put some rice in the bottom of a jar with the cannabis. The rice acts like those silicone packs but is more natural.
  13. KidneyStoner

    KidneyStoner Well-Known Member


    This. It's all about the correct RH. I like to start curing around 62% , it usually ends up around 58% by the time it's cured.

    I use a few Caliber IIIs in jars when curing.
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