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Quartz piece for 16mm coil (gimido)

Discussion in 'Glass' started by donkitrk99, Feb 24, 2017.

  1. donkitrk99

    donkitrk99 Member

    I have one of the cheaper gimido e-nails (was the cheapest on e-nail.org when I bought it but 2nd cheapest currently). I have their 16mm coil (believe its actually 15.8 but generally referred to as 16). I am looking for a quartz piece that will fit said coil. I ordered one online awhile back but the fit was tight and awkward and the bucket on the banger wasnt as deep as the coil itself.

    Costs me about 65 bucks to replace the banger with the one that came with the enail, but they come from china - long ship times and thin glass.

    Not neccesarily looking for cheaper, but cheaper, closer, and better are all areas Im considering haha. Does anyone have a 16mm coil from gimido? Have you found any quartz (banger or nail) that fit the coil in a satisfactory manner?
  2. SamuraiSam

    SamuraiSam Extraction Technician

    Seattle, WA
    You can adjust the coil to fit the quartz you have on hand fairly easily. Let it heat up, use two needlenose vicegrips, carefully adjusted, to grab the coil in different areas and bend it to fit.

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