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Quality Bubbler for $150

Discussion in 'Sold, Traded, Found, Closed' started by Galactus, Jan 16, 2013.

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  1. Galactus

    Galactus Active Member

    Im looking for a good quality made glass bubbler for $150, maybe will spend more depending.
    One that i can use at home or on the go so im looking for it to be more thick and round than tall and thin, much like the oil can designs. But i guess its depending on the glass itself so dont be afraid to shoot me a option!
    Im open to suggestions but just bear in mind that i am a student so a good deal is a must, really im not looking to buy a used $200 piece for $150..

    Hopefully someone here at FC has what im looking for :)
  2. TheDudeNextDoor

    TheDudeNextDoor Abiding

  3. oldiebutgoodie

    oldiebutgoodie Apostle, Church of Vaporization

    I have 2 bubblers for sale, both well made, both purchased from ALT. The first is here:


    Light use with a Q whip only. ALT shows 10" height but "sizes vary"; mine is 7" tall (shorter mouthpiece) but identical otherwise. A great small piece. Currently sells for $200. Asking $120 + shipping.

    The second is a Dirty Rico piece that was made for ALT that is very similar to this:


    Mine is a little smaller at 10" tall (again, "sizes vary") and the base is 4.25", but the main difference is that mine has a inverted showerhead perc w/13 slits instead. The can is also 5" x 60mm, the glass 5mm. Joint, dome, nail are the same. Only used several times with my Cloud. Paid $225, asking $150 + shipping.

    If interested, I'll post/email pics of either piece.
  4. PlantmanGlass

    PlantmanGlass New Member

    I have buggin my friend to sell me that hedford, i will def that off your hands. I'll have the money for that in 12 days. So let me know if you'll still have it by than.
  5. Galactus

    Galactus Active Member

    Wow, I've actually been eyeing that headford piece for a little while but my friend just picked it up before me, so I wouldn't want to copy him since we match a lot, but it really is a nice small piece Plantman.

    Oldie, I really like that DR bubbler, but I found a glassblower (who actually had some FC traction for a little bit) that might do a little custom work for me under my price range. It's not finilzed yet but if it falls through ill definitely look into that Dirty if you haven't sold it yet. (I should know by tomorrow if it'll all work out)
  6. PlantmanGlass

    PlantmanGlass New Member

    Great little piece for the price, i know you were looking for a bubbler but this thing would def be a good option. Has the characteristics and hits like a nice GonG bubb. The website pics truly dont do it justice, the diameter of the mouthpiece is def smaller in person.
  7. PAZ

    PAZ Well-Known Member

    I'd look at Lev's bubblers. Lev's double showerhead for $180 and is 7mm glass I believe. Also has a cheaper one for $135. His pieces are easily worth more than he actually sells them for.
  8. sunsett70

    sunsett70 Member

  9. dibdab

    dibdab Active Member

    Orange County, CA
    I have a Glassblowers Direct Showerhead FC bubbler without logo I would be willing to sell for $150, let me know if your interested
  10. MG23

    MG23 Relaxin'

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