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NYC- travel guide

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by FlyingLow, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. FlyingLow

    FlyingLow Team NO SLEEP!

    Heading to NYC this week and looking forward to another great weekend in the city!

    What are your favorite restaurants and hangouts?
    What are your favorite shows?

    Share anything you damn well want to about the city!

    Really excited to catch AvenueQ! I've heard the best reviews about this show.

    ... I am super stoked to be back in NYC. Ain't Life Grand!
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  2. sickmanfraud

    sickmanfraud Well-Known Member

    You don't say where you have been to in NYC before.

    My list of NYC must-see places are the Museum of Natural history, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island, Empire State Building.

    I have never been to the Freedom Tower or the 9-11 museum, but I would like to see them.

    I grew up less than an hour away from Manhattan and would be happy to point you in the right direction if you could be more specific. I have no info on Bars and Restaurants.
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  3. duff

    duff Well worn

    Spent a couple of weeks every summer in NYC.
    Freaking love it.

    Avenue Q is hilarious and raunchy. Nasty Muppets are apparently right up my alley.

    Have fun.

    The Guggenheim is very cool.
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  4. FlyingLow

    FlyingLow Team NO SLEEP!

    Ive spent a lot of time in the city as well, but could probably go back to all museums as exhibits are always changing.

    Most of my focus with a all my travel is food.
  5. Jill NYC

    Jill NYC Portable Collector

    The midst of vapor
    If it isn’t too cold, you should definitely walk the Highline (runs from Meatpacking district up to Chelsea). Very fun to stroll unless the wind is blowing in low temps.
    The Book of Mormon in another show that has a similar sense of humor to Avenue Q (sorry, no puppets, but VERY funny and smart).
    Food wise, there are way too many to mention without some idea of type of food and general price range. But one place I always recommend... if you like desserts, go to any Magnolia Bakery (there are a few) and get their Banana Pudding. Unless you hate bananas.. you will NOT be disappointed!
    If you give a few more specifics, happy to pass along more recommendations.
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  6. FlyingLow

    FlyingLow Team NO SLEEP!

    Awesome advice!

    I LOVE walking the highline! And book of Mormon is an all time favorite, sets the bar high.

    Ive never heard of magnolia bakery but you got our attention! Going to have to check them out.

    Q was Brilliant, did dinner at ippudo for killer ramen, and starting this morning at Ess-a Bagel... gonna be a good day.

    Delivery yesterday has me set for the weekend. I love this city.
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  7. FlyingLow

    FlyingLow Team NO SLEEP!

    Enjoyed a late lunch at Mercer Kitchen in SoHo and shared or way through a handful of appetizers, small plates and salads, and finished with arguably the best butterscotch pudding with sea salted caramel I've ever had.

    Dinner was celebrated with friends at Ristorante Morini and finished at Brandy's Piano Bar where we found ourselves singing at the bar with Big from Sex and the City. Very memorable weekend so far!

    ...unsure where we will land for brunch tomorrow.
  8. almost there

    almost there Well-Known Member

    Can’t visit NYC and not stop for dim sum in Chinatown. Ping’s is one of my favorite spots, might be a wait on the weekends with a large group but they move pretty fast. U can load up in NYC T-shirts cheap as hell vs buying them in souvenir shops, Chinatown rules!
  9. FlyingLow

    FlyingLow Team NO SLEEP!

    I did not make it to pings, but did find both enlightenment and bliss in a bowl of ramen at Ippudo.

    Big finish today before heading to the airport, my old favorite Luke's. Got three sandwich combo, lobster, crab and shrimp, and then added half lobster tail extra for $5.

    Rocked the Omni and pen carts all weekend.

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