NO LONGER FOR SALE!! Concentrate Tools, Containers, etc.

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  1. Sleepin in CA

    Sleepin in CA Higher than a Pterodactyl, you can call me Caveman Accessory Maker

    I am selling 5 NoGoo Silicone containers. These work great I just no longer really use oil. I am selling all 5 for $15 shipped.

    I am also selling a worked glass dabber I like to call Squidward. It's a damn fine dabber. I am selling it for $15 shipped.

    Also up for grabs are some PTFE coated concentrate handling tools. These are not for dabbing as Teflon (ptfe) burns off at those temps. However for manipulating/cleaning/handling oil these are sick. The poker tip is losing the coating a bit (as pictured) but still works well. I am selling them for $15 shipped.

    There are also some stainless steel tools for $10 shipped.

    Finally I am selling titanium grade 2 paperclip dabber for $8 shipped.

    All prices include fees and shipping!

    Paypal accepted, and as always pm me for info/to buy.



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