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Need suggestions for a vaporizer

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by horizon88, Apr 15, 2017.

  1. horizon88

    horizon88 Member

    Hey there guys I'm new to the idea of vaping. I have vaped before but just a couple puffs from an arizer solo and it was a bit hard to draw from. Anywho I'm looking for suggestions for my first vaporizer. I'm choosing it mainly for stealth smoking in my house. Here are some things I'd like the vape to have & sorry if I sound like a noob lol I pretty much am...

    Portability (although I do like the look of the enano by epicvape, how is draw resistance?)
    Low draw resistance (I really don't want to have to suck hard lol sorry. It's actually been putting me off vaping though. I just want it to be close to smoking from a pipe or joint. Maybe I'm being unrealistic?)
    Fits in the hand nicely isn't huge
    Prefer no automatic timer shutting it off
    Produces light not harsh vapor
    Gets me medicated
    Good battery life
    Pretty easy to clean, easy to use, and doesn't make a big smell

    As for the vape being conduction or convection I don't know if I have a preference. What's the difference really? I just want whichever method gets me the most medicated but isn't that harsh on my throat. I know the haze has both options which is cool too. Also do you think I should stick to an electric vape or one heated by a butane lighter? I've honestly had no experience using one of these and I'd have to buy butane and refill I'm guessing. Plus the quieter I can vape the better. Sorry guys for sounding so dumb lol I'm far from an expert at this shit and it really does confuse me a little. Anyways I've been looking into these vapes but please give your suggestions either way:

    Pax 2/3
    Goboof Alfa
    Davinci iq
    Arizer air
    Haze dual v3
    Sticky Brick jr

    Thanks everyone :)
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  2. seaofgreens

    seaofgreens My Mind Is Free


    Welcome to the world of vaporization!

    So, let's start with the two different categories:

    Conduction = Herb is placed in an oven, which heats up to roughly 350-420F and the herbs/ and air in the chamber continually heat as you draw air through. With this style, you have what is considered a session, whereby you will pack a load and sit for a few minutes and enjoy. Usually after a session is complete, you will be able to tell by the herb starting to take on a bit of a spent, burnt-popcorn flavor, even if vapor is still present.

    Convection = Herb is placed in a chamber away from the heating element, so that the chamber itself does not heat up. Instead, you pull air through the heater, which heats the air to vaporization temperature, and then you draw that air through the chamber to complete the vaporization process. Most folks refer to these as "on-demand," vapes, because they are usually a fast heat up and draw type of technique, which can be preferable to those who just like to take a rip of two and move on, without completing a session.

    Needless to say, elements of both are present in each instance, but this is the general gist.

    So lets get into what you are looking for:
    Portability - Bit confused by this because you refer to the e-nano here, which is a plug-in unit, and not considered portable. Are you more interested in a plug-in or a battery/butane unit?

    Low draw resistance - A log vape would be good here, the stems are a decent enough diameter to allow good flow imo. The portable counterparts, something like the Milaana or Sticky-Brick is going to also have a larger vapor path. I own the Daisy (StickyBrick of the past) and can definitely attest to it being wide open airflow, vapor is instant and full as well. Most analogous vape I have tried to compare with a combustion spoon pipe experience. Most vaporizers aside from these couple options have a bit more draw resistance. Perhaps others will chime in with options I'm not thinking of atm.

    Fits in the hand nicely isn't huge - The logs again will do that. So will basically any portable, albeit some are larger than others. The StickyBrick in this instance is not something you can palm, but it's not like some giant oddity either. The Pax 2/3 and the IQ are probably the nicest palm fit of what you have listed. The Firefly might be another option there. The VapCap lineup as well is just so sleek looking.

    Prefer no automatic timer shutting it off - Log Vape is where this shines. These are designed to allow for being plugged in all day if you like, so they are ready whenever you like. This is not as important for portables.

    Produces light not harsh vapor - This is more temperature dependent. Just try and start on the lower end of things and work up to what is most desirable. An option here like the Firefly 2 would be really great if you are focused on cooler vapor though. Also what is neat about the Firefly imo is the heat of the vapor being so consistently smooth and cool considering it is a convection unit. But, it requires technique, and not everyone enjoys that learning curve.

    Gets me medicated - So long as your material has stuff to extract, any vaporizer will do this :p

    Good battery life (seems butane options also on table?) - Again, this can be somewhat relative as while some units might have a decent battery life (Haze, Pax, Arizer, etc.) others offer the option to replace a battery so you can carry spares and never run out (IQ, Firefly RBT stuff etc.)

    Or alternatively you have the torch options. I am biased towards torches, because I find them more enjoyable/reliable. My experience with battery units has been fine, but instead of a consistent fuel, you have a fuel source that gets weaker as you use it up. And once it is used up, has to be charged or replaced. Just depends what you prefer/what you find convenient.

    Pretty easy to clean, easy to use, and doesn't make a big smell - Well, they are all relatively easy to clean, and they all will smell relative to how often you clean them. That being said, I definitely think something like the enano, milaana or sticky brick is going to be easier here just because the air-path is a wider diameter glass tube, which will not clog with a bit of use and is just easier imo to use iso, warm water, and then shove a paper towel through than other options.

    Easiest to use would probably be something like the Pax/Haze/Arizer because you just load up the oven, push in your desired temp. and it does all the work for you. Options such as the e-nano and brick are a little more dependent on user control. Would I say one is better to start with? Nope. They are all easy enough to figure out with a little determination.

    I hope this meandering nonsense might be of any help? Probably not. But I tried! :p

    Feel free to ask anything else and I will help if I am able!
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  3. horizon88

    horizon88 Member

    Thank you for taking the time to reply. Perhaps I'll get a portable vape and a desktop vape. I'm mainly concerned with draw resistance. I like the enano and the haze and firefly 2 sounds like a good option since you mentioned the cooler vapor. Are these three units pretty easy to draw from? I don't wanna have to pull very hard to get a good puff.
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  4. Farid

    Farid Well-Known Member

    For stealth around the house I highly recommend getting a log vaporizer. Keep it on your desk, and use it as an essential oil diffuser. Then when you need to sneak a toke break out a stem. If anybody asks it's an electric oil diffuser.

    When you want portability a vapcap is great, but the torches make sound, so they are not the best in the stealth department when you don't want to be heard.

    I'd go for a woodscents by Ed, since you can use vapcaps as the stem for it, and since they are handmade by a talented artist. They are pricey, though, underdogs are a very affordable option that are great as well.
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  5. horizon88

    horizon88 Member

    Thanks for the suggestion Farid. I think if I do end up buying a vape it will be one you just plug in and use cause that seems easier. Its just so hard to pick one lol I need little smell and an easy pull. I'm just so used to smoking bowls and joints and getting nicely stoned that for some reason I feel like vaping isn't gonna get me where I want to be. Like the high is gonna be weak or too clear headed which I don't like. I actually like to get ripped so lol.. who knows maybe vaping just aint for me.
  6. CarolKing

    CarolKing Singer of songs and a vapor connoisseur

    You can't go wrong with a log vape, so I second that. You get really great vapor taste too. The log vapes that I have are easy to maintain and they don't use that much cannabis. Some vaporizers are weed hogs so be careful when deciding. I personally don't like a large oven.

    My next vaporizer will be the Solo II. I don't have an issue with a slight draw resistance. A lot has to do with the stem/mouthpiece and the pack. I have the Solo and use high airflow stems from @PlanetVape also @Ed's TnT has the Solo stems with better airflow. He also makes the new Woodscents log vape that I highly recommend.
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  7. Abysmal Vapor

    Abysmal Vapor Shaman of The Pyramid of Orlin'Malah

    7th heaven - 666th pit (EU)
    :)) Looks like you are going in with a log vape. I actually prefer underdogs over e-nano,cause e-nano runs at higher voltage 110V/220v when UDs work at 12-15V range(which i consider safer,cause u can get electrocuted if smth stupid happens),and also have updated heater and overall better looks,mine hasnt been off for years ,yet never fail to deliver on the spot sweet vapor hits.
    Anyway both vapes are great and also have great promotions running.

    Underdog Vapes is having a sale as well!

    10% off and use code UDFS for FREE SHIPPING!

    Free shipping for US only, international takes $10 off.

    Free Mini-Dog and VVPS with every order!!



    EpicVape has 20% off everything!


    As a portable you should get the vapcap M,if you can live with the somewhat high resistance of the drawl.i recommend it ,mainly cause it is portable ,hard to brake and easy to use + a can of butane = a basket full of batteries. They also have a sale

    420 SALE.

    The M will be 20% off.

    We will have everything else on our site 15% off.

    Better yet we are offering all our existing customers FREE SHIPPING on orders throughout the 420 SALE.

    Our 420 SALE will run from 4:20 today Friday April 14 thru midnight of 420 itself. We hope to make a lot of people extremely happy very soon.

  8. little maggie

    little maggie Well-Known Member

    Some of the ones recommended have problems with draw resistance. I may be more aware of that because I have an issue with it. I gave away both my arizer solo and air because of that. I have a variety of logs and agree that those are good options. I'd actually recommend getting the new and inexpensive vapcap (less than $50) and if you like it consider a woodscent log. Otherwise I like the underdog because it comes with so many options. Make sure you get a stem with a carb hole if that's an option because that reduces draw resistance (for the vapcap or woodscent or even some logs).
    I know that someone commented that the vape temp makes things cooler or warmer. I have to use water with the haze, all my logs, and actually just about every vape I own. (I do have breathing problems that you may not have so this may be irrelevant.)
    The exceptions are the vapcap and a new vape called the tubo which is a bit like a battery operated log. They are working on a power cord for it so it can be a plug in as well.
    Finally if you do get one that's not cool enough for you and you don't want to use water, Ddave makes an attachment that cools the temp that works on vapes that use an 18mm stem.

    And having written all this and rereading your last post, I don't know why you care about cooler temp and draw resistance when you're coming from smoking much harsher material? Why would you assume that a vape will be too mild if you haven't tried one? Get a vapcap M during the 4/20 sale. You can't get a vape for less and it's probably most like a joint.
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  9. AJS

    AJS Calm Consistency

    E Nano and Sticky Brick definitely the hardest hitters here. Won't be disappointed with either.

    Compared to combustion ... these things will medicate you the fuck up.
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  10. Abysmal Vapor

    Abysmal Vapor Shaman of The Pyramid of Orlin'Malah

    7th heaven - 666th pit (EU)
    Trust me dude, you will get further than you wanna be :D .. Vaporizing gets you times higher,stoned, wacked,whatever you like , you just need a good vape and time to adjust.. Here is a video of the Underdog in action, please dont tell me that this won't get you floored :D.
    View My Video
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  11. Tweak

    Tweak T\/\/34|<

    I also recommend a log vape. I only have experience with the e-nano, but the woodscents by Ed and VapCap sound like an awesome combo.

    With log vapes, draw resistance isn't half as bad as the Solo, as long as you keep your screens clean and use a coarse grind.
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  12. invertedisdead

    invertedisdead trance-form

    if you truly feel this way I can pretty much guarantee you won't like vaporizing.
    Smoking = stoned
    Vaporizing = high

    If you want that drowsy, loopy, dizzy feeling that combustion pyrolysis byproducts give you, you won't find it in vapor. VAPOR gets you MUCH, MUCH higher which I prefer...
  13. little maggie

    little maggie Well-Known Member

    All the logs are pretty comparable so if you get one, pick one that you like. The only reason the HI isn't on the recommended log list is that it's over a year wait to get one.
  14. CarolKing

    CarolKing Singer of songs and a vapor connoisseur

    @horizon88 you have to stop the combusting to get the full benefits of vaporizing. Stop combusting and only vaporize for two weeks. Try using a high temperature that will bring you close to the feel of smoking.

    Try something like the VapCap with a jet lighter. It's similiar to smoking a pipe with the lighter, it's different because it's vaporizing. You will only be out only $40 vs $200 if you get a log vape. Then you can choose if vaporizing is for you. Most folks once they start vaporizing don't go back to smoking. I can't stand a joint or pipe and I smoked cannabis for 25 years.
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  15. horizon88

    horizon88 Member

    Thanks for the help guys. Guess I'll maybe look into the vapcap. Maybe I'll give the enano a go. Im probably still gonna smoke even though I know it's making my health worse but it's fast hard-hitting and just fun to do lol. Hope y'all have a great week. Peace.
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  16. duff

    duff Well worn

    That's what I thought too.
    Great high from vapes and not smelling like pot is terrific.

    I want to view the video but can't!
    Is it 2008 for God's sake! :)
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  17. little maggie

    little maggie Well-Known Member

    Just a suggestion that you compare the underdog and enano and see which offers the better deal with the sales going on. Although I prefer the underdog I have both and like both.
  18. Abysmal Vapor

    Abysmal Vapor Shaman of The Pyramid of Orlin'Malah

    7th heaven - 666th pit (EU)
    Here you go buddy,yes that video is a bit ol

    Imo the underdog has better deal ,cause you actually get two vapes for the price of one :p. Mini UDs looks super cute.
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  19. TeeJay1952

    TeeJay1952 Well-Known Member

    When you roll a joint and see that you are using a "days" worth in one lump, you will hesitate the next.
    Vaping give you such control. taste, clouds, extent of medication become more important because the effects are so much more pronounced.
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  20. CalyxSmokr

    CalyxSmokr Well-Known Member

    I wasn't planning on quitting smoking but have never thought about going back once I saw how much better vaping is in every way. Combusting tastes like garbage
  21. Mr. Me2

    Mr. Me2 Well-Known Member

    If you haven't decided yet, I'll add my :2c:...

    First, plan on getting/wanting/needing more than one vape (aka, VAS). Having said that, I think a vapcap will be perfect for your starting collection. It will certainly satisfy your "ritual" requirement.

    I haven't seen it mentioned, but you may want to look at the Crafty (or Mighty). These have the least draw resistance and great flavor. And will pair nicely with the vapcap.

    As you settle in to vaping, you'll decide for yourself if you prefer a one-and-done vape (convection), or session style (conduction). But these two are somewhere in the middle. But the Crsfty is definitely more of a session vape and the vapcap closer to a one-and-done.
  22. CalyxSmokr

    CalyxSmokr Well-Known Member

    If I had to build from zero again: I would get a log vape and a Mighty...plus a vapcap m for backup. But I like my Air enough that I won't replace it with a much more pricey Mighty. A Milannia is also a possibility but I think the Mighty is much more plug and play.
    If cost wasn't an issue I would also add a supreme 3, sublimator, twax flowerpot, and minivap to the consideration.
    I would like to add an Evo to my arsenal but doubt it would replace my Enano. Microdosing is more my style
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  23. ALFA Vaporizers

    ALFA Vaporizers Member Manufacturer

    Hi horizon88, Thankyou for considering the ALFA, here is a bit more information on the alfa.

    The ALFA Offers
    • Full control with 3 manual, 1 smart auto puff and 1 smart auto time and heat functions.
    • Our battery technology provides 2 Hours run time and 30 second heat up.
    • The hard anodised oven with heating-pin ensures even heat distribution and great long-lasting flavour.
    • Sleek ergonomic compact design with all metal anodised machined casing.

    Our ALFA is currently on sale for $99 https://alfagoboof.com/

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  24. horizon88

    horizon88 Member

    I got my omnivap today and my tiglassy. Well I was so eager to use the damn thing I somehow chipped the glass body of the tiglassy with my nail. I'm looking at it like is it that cheap but the glass seems okay to me. I didn't even do much and it was just like.. Chip. So I started trying with the omni. Its so sexy I got the cocobolo wood. Its just so cute and sexy to look at in my hands idk why lol. Anyways I burned my fingers trying to hold a flame with a lighter for this thing. Shitty idea. I need to buy a proper lighter now and butane which, can I get at Walmart? Or should I hit up Canadian tire? Which brand should I get? I plan on trying other butane vapes and battery powered as well. I like this vape but it got me so paranoid if I broke it when I didn't hear the click and the lid popped off as I was smoking lol omg just so many newbie moments. So much cleaner taste though. And I got some good effects. Def wanna try with a more stealthy and effective lighter you guys know any? I saw a thread that had this honest lighter brand and it looked pretty nice. Also how can I remove the lighter burns on the cap? :(
  25. Mr. Me2

    Mr. Me2 Well-Known Member

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