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my next eliquid formula

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by widdlewem, Jan 25, 2014.

  1. widdlewem

    widdlewem New Member

    I've tried a bunch of different recipes and some were great, others not so much...

    I might be getting a little crazy here but this is how I'm planning it

    • Dry material decarboxylated at 200f for a few minutes.
    • RSO using everclear. this step will be done at a lower heat* than usual thanks to decarbing it first. I'm hypothesizing a lower heat and longer evaporation time will result in a thinner, lighter oil.
    • While the oil's still warm, I'll mix it into in a separate container where I'll have warmed some PG USP.
    • After thoroughly combining the two, I'll leave the mixture in the freezer in a salt water bath to winterize it.
    • After 2 hours I'll remove the mixture and allow to warm back to room temperature.
    • Once back at room temperature I'll mix in the flavors and a few ml of VG USP for effect.

    *Not sure what temp to run it at. Ethanol boils at just under 80f, so probably shoot for 80f-90f just to speed it up without getting it too hot.

    Choosing everclear as I do believe it's "safer" as much as "safer" can be. I'd much rather vape ethanol than any of the alternative solvents like iso.

    I might even warm the mixture back up after winterizing, I might not. Not really sure the winterizing is necessar. I've also considered winterizing the ethanol wash after winging it out if the cheese cloth before evaporating it, but like I said I want the oil to be as viscous as possible.

    Probably going for an orange mango flavor this time, orange is really good for hiding the flavor/smell, and I think a good banana or mango would round it out some more.

    I'll try some after it's finished, but I'm thinking it'll be more effective/flavorful if I let it "steep" for a week or two, but we'll see.
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  2. Breathemetal

    Breathemetal Well-Known Member

    The Mitten
    If this turns out well, it may con me into buying a TV Luna with the EJ cart...
  3. Detonator

    Detonator Well-Known Member

    uh and this is your first post huh? Well hell yeah! and welcome to the forum...

    Sounds Awesome! I would love to see some pictures of the process and final outcome..... and I will need a gram or two to try out...

    What type of ecig atty you going to be putting it in? Something like a CE4 with the wicks?
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  4. LetsAllMeltDownTogether

    LetsAllMeltDownTogether Well-Known Member

    Ethanol boils at 173°F and just under 80°C.
  5. widdlewem

    widdlewem New Member

    I've done it in a few before and the liquid seemed to cake up atomizers way too quickly, which is why I'm so cautious about getting the viscosity right. Something that's easily cleaned and has cheap, replaceable atomizers is a must. I don't really like advertising certain parts/manufacturers in a setting like this because I fear the war on ecigs just like I fear other wars and don't want to call out any particular manufacturers. (I'll talk in a DM) You are extremely close though!

    I have considered moving up to rebuildables for more control and less worry about viscosity, but that's another investment I can't afford at the time.

    BreatheMetal: I have no idea what either of those things are.

    LetsAllMeltDownTogether: whoops! FC apparently limits editable time, so yes I ment to put "c"'s in that line, my mind was still on the oven!

    Just waiting on the most important ingredient.
  6. widdlewem

    widdlewem New Member

    On second thought and a bit more research, I've decided to winterize the dry material immediately after decarbing. I will also be cooling the ever clear before mixing, and the mixture will return to the freezer bath while soaking as per the QWET method. (I'll however not be using a water wash, because I'd rather forgo flavor [when I can mask it so easily] for guaranteeing absolutely every bit of potency makes it into the oil.)

    So its now:
    • Decarboxylize
    • Winterize
    • Winterize ever clear soak
    • Evaporate
    • Mix with warm pg
    • Flavor + VG
    • Profit?
  7. swiss

    swiss Member

    Hey widdlewem, this sounds like a very good idea! I've been trying to do a eliquid for ecig for a while now but it didn't work that well. I have the MagicalButter 2 Maschine and with it you can do a glycerin tincture and all sorts of other extracts. I tried the glycerin tincture with about 10g of plant. I don't remember how many ml.. I think it was like 50ml and the product was not so strong at all.
    So I guess it's better and faster to do RSO (MB2 call their alcohol extracted oil MBO - you can see this video if interested
    Click to play YouTube Video
    ) and after the RSO is done you mix it with VG...
    I'm gonna try the same as you but my only problem - i'm in europe and we don't have everclear available here. Can I just use normal ethanol from the pharmacy?
    Also about the winterizing - is it necessary, what are the benefits, can you explain more how you do it?

    Keep us posted!
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  8. 2clicker

    2clicker we out there Accessory Maker

    you gotta check out the Liquidizer thread in the portables section. they sell a liquid that is specifically made for keeping cannabis oils in a liquid form. its called "ejmix" and work perfectly.

    i believe your last attempts didnt work great because you mix would start to separate causing premature failure of your coils.

    and no need to decarb the herb before extraction. simply put your herb in the oven at 170 deg for 15 mins. this will deoderizes your herb so it wont smell when vaped.

    as far as i know, the ejmix is the only fluid that truely works. and boy does it!
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  9. widdlewem

    widdlewem New Member

    I'm a little weary of ejmix because im not sure if they ever state if the pg they use is USP foodgrade or not, which makes a world of difference. I already have PG USP so I probably won't get any ejmix, but I can get my hands on polyethylene glycol pretty easily, so I might just get some of that and make a homebrew version of it for myself.

    The smell of the vape isn't the problem, especially once you add strong flavors like orange. The idea is that the decarb and winterize will break down the material to a level where minimal heat is needed in evaporating the everclear, resulting in a thinner oil.

    It might not even make any difference, but my preliminary science seems to say it will.

    Not sure about your ethanol, would need to look hard at some labels to tell.

    Winterizing, at least in theory, will make any of the water soluble components freeze and crystallize, which will break them down for a more effective wash. Combine that with a decarbonization process to break down fatty materials and cell walls and I'd imagine the resulting oil will be more viscous and hopefully a bit more potent as well.

    My math says you get around 20-25% weight in oil from your dry material, where you'd hope your active components are at least somewhere around 80% of that and the other portion is residual plant matter and quite possibly left over solvent. That's where doing a tincture gets hard.

    I've never done a tincture with VG (glycerin), as its really only used in ecigs for added vapor, PG (glycol) is what carries the active components and flavor (I'm also not familiar with trying to make a tincture in VG). The PG tinture I tried just consisted of boiling the dry material (after decarbing) in pg, which requires a bit... like you I think I used about 50ml too. With 10g dry material I'd expect maybe .2g oil from an everclear run, so really rough estimate you're looking at maybe 6-7ml of oil, mixing that with 50ml PG would dilute even potent material, so I don't suggest that method (also PG tends to thicken with heat, which ruins atomizers). PG isnt that great of a solvent either, however since it's safe, the resulting waste after straining can be thrown into some cookie dough batter to extract the rest out :)

    That video though... I can see that device's use in other ways, but "put it in this warm thing, okay now take it out and put it in this other warm thing" seems a bit silly :p and you could probably do a second run with what's in the bag (surprised they didn't mention that!)
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