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My journey to only vaping...

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Chilled, May 3, 2014.

  1. Chilled

    Chilled Well-Known Member


    Thought it might be off some use as I now only vape but smoked weed with and then without tobacco for more than 10 years and have been only vaping for over 3 months after a 3 month break from weed. Thought i would compare before and after on various aspects for people hoping to make the plunge and quit combustion. This is something I tried to do many times and its finally stuck, which I so much prefer.

    I have used weed in various ways for 12 years now as follows:

    0 – 8 years : smoking weed and tobacco spliffs
    8 – 11 years : smoking weed in glass bongs and the occasional vape.

    Since then I stopped using weed altogether for 3 months as was absolutely sick of smoking. As a non-cigerette smoker for a couple of years, I really hated towards the end how I would stink of smoke and my eyes would look crazy red. I was also taking larger and larger bong hits which started to feel really unhealthy and long term very bad for my health.

    When you have a break from smoking the first couple of smokes get so high and then it is just stoned. Now I just vape I still feel high when I use daily, sure not as much as when I first started vaping after a lengthly break but the decrease it nothing like smoking. I have been to points with smoking where I couldn’t get high and also waking in the middle of the night for a bong, never happened with vaping due to consuming way less weed.

    I think when I started smoking I was far more bothered about high than stoned, which I think is different for some people but I think if you like the high, vaping is the only way to go. I have also found the high lasts way longer with vaping. The only drawback is when I have having a balloon it can take 5-10mins to feel it, which I have got used to but I see how some people find annoying.

    The variety of taste and high from different weed is great too. I have a few different strains from haze to an indica in and noticeable how you can choose depending on what you plan to do with you time, whereas before after a bong I would barely be able to do anything.

    The biggest motivation for quitting smoking was cost. I was spending too much of my money on it and when I weighed up the benefits, I couldn’t see them. I genuinely thought I was done with weed for good in my 3 month break but really missed it towards the end but now it is finally a very manageable cost.

    I would say that my usage has gone from 1oz a month (28g) to between 9-12g a month so around 30-40% of before. I have not reduced the amount of time I am high either. 95% of the time I use my volcano classic which I love. I will do 0.15g in the chamber three times, re-grinding on the last. On a week night I will only have these three balloons which I found a lot, but uses not a whole lots of bud (0.75g mon-fri).

    I have a herboriser too but since I found it isn’t as efficient as my volcano, I very rarely use it, I also find it takes a while to get right and just doesn’t suit how I vape. I like having a whole balloon, and then get on with what I plan to do.

    Using weed three times and then having it saved to make butter, seems to get so much use from the bud. Seems difficult to imagine loading up a massive bowl in my bong and then smoking it, feeling like I had to hold all this smoke it and then become lazy as fuck.

    While at first it’s great how hard bong hits hit you, and make you instantly high, this is their problem. I used to get massive cravings which would impact my mood at points in the daytime. I find this much easier now I vaping. I still get cravings but they are far less and are more less intense. This makes me feel a whole lot better.

    I went away recently and I always try to have T-breaks at these points as way easier when out of my usual routine and around the house. Was away for 2 days and was a million times easier than when I was smoking.

    When I smoking weed altogether for 3 months I thought I wouldn’t go back to it, but I reckon due to starting smoking it too young (12) its something at least for now I will continue to feel ok. Vaping seems like a great solution as can continue without ruining my health.

    Only real negative I have, eating when I have been vaping is dangerous and another reason why I try and keep my usage down as if I get really stoned, I can eat a lot. I would say its properly worse than when I was smoking.

    When I quit smoking altogether, I started to cough but black stuff and this went on for a few days. It really made me realise how unhealthy this was. I also found that smoking made me incredible lazy, something that really started to annoy me. Since I have only vaped I am far more active, still have some progress to make but definitely been an improvement.

    I once had a balloon of haze and when for a circuit training class, it was crazy I felt like I was getting higher the more the class went on!

    While I think I have decided that I am going to get a solo for outside use, at present I have plug in vapes so not able to vape anywhere but again this is not a bad thing. If going away for a while I can pack the volcano up fairly easy but so many bits it can be easy to leave an essential part behind. The solo seems to also win on efficiency so 100% think its the right choice.

    I am much happier day to day now I have made this switch, took me many attempts as would always go back to my bong but seems hard to imagine doing that now. I have since been with people who are smoking bongs and hate the smell and ash mess, just seems a million time better to me now just vaping. I also love being able to breathe clearly. I have breathing really heavy when I was smoking and would frequently have a cough, neither of these things happen anymore.
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  2. gardentown

    gardentown For Sale by Owner

    Thanks. For me, fitness and conservation and the biggest factors so I'm glad you had success in both categories!
  3. Deja Vu

    Deja Vu stay true to yourselves

    Best possible outcome. I feel the same!
  4. Chilled

    Chilled Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all the comments.

    I thought I should update this. I actually smoked some bud in a pipe about 10 days ago. I was away and still not got a portable vape (will get a solo at some point) so was just eating brownies but after the second night I had a few tokes. I thought that it was pretty hash and didn't massively appreciate the high. Next day realised it was a mistake and back to vaping only and feel great about it, don't reckon it will happen again as next time will take a portable vape.
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  5. PhilKleeman

    PhilKleeman New Member

    Well it is an inspiring story so thanks for sharing it out.. Even I am fighting hard to quit smoking so I will try my best to gain out of the story..
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  6. Deja Vu

    Deja Vu stay true to yourselves

    You'll do fine :) Not many people can say they are trying.
  7. Chilled

    Chilled Well-Known Member

    Day 281

    Well just a quick update so say all going strong. I have had to smoke of about 3 occasions when no access to volcano and been really unpleasant and need to get a solo for these times.
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  8. VapechickV

    VapechickV Member

    Los Angeles via Texas
    Thanks for sharing! I'm trying to make the transition but haven't yet found an herb vape that I really like, so it's not been very successful so far. I have a Pax, and I've had a few box vaporizers but I'm not really crazy about either. Sometimes I just load a bowl in the pipe out of frustration. :/
  9. Chilled

    Chilled Well-Known Member

    Yea I went through this many times with the same vaporiser I use all the time (volcano classic).

    I honestly think the T-break and then vaping only was the game changer as frequently tried and go back to smoking. Its strange now though as really hate smoking it.

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