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Mobile app for vapping

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by mpjtn, Dec 24, 2018.

  1. mpjtn

    mpjtn New Member

    Hi There,
    I hope it's the right place to ask for readers opinions.
    I'm working as mobile developer and got some extra time to spend and give back to the community.
    So I thought on building a mobile app that will help consumer track the weed consumption along day by calculating the vape volume by device per hits (per day)
    But honestly, I think that there can be more exotic ideas and Ill be glad for some others points of view
    10X && cheers
  2. justcametomind

    justcametomind IT'S TIME!

    If I was you I'd look into the DYI board and build an open source app for some existing open source vaporizer project willing to add a Bluetooth module to the vape.
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  3. mpjtn

    mpjtn New Member

    10X, I will
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  4. mpjtn

    mpjtn New Member

    I thinking more on "lifestyle" app for vaping and less on dedicated app for device.
  5. OldNewbie

    OldNewbie Well-Known Member

    I've sworn to never purchase another vape that requires an app or has an app integral to function. Society is not at the place I want to create a permanent record controlled by someone else that records what I do with my vape.

    If the app doesn't even control my vape? It is unlikely I would use it.

    But then, I'm old and like privacy more than many do today in general. Kids today may like to keep a record of purchases and combine that with the ability to rate the purchase. Something where a person can list the farm, name, retailer and cost of purchased flower and then record scores or other "tasting notes" for the purchase. Over time, people might get a better sense of what they really like and what works for them from actual data they created for themselves. If enough participate and there is some way to share the data (stripped of ID), the app might recommend--based on prior purchases.
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  6. Jimmyweaese

    Jimmyweaese Well-Known Member

    Same here ,,app for a vape. About the most upped thing . All leave it at that

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