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Mistvape Touch / E-nano / Lotus / FW4 Cool Unit / OG Summit / Omicron V4 / Arizer Solo / Cloudpen 2

Discussion in 'Sold, Traded, Found, Closed' started by sk8man121, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. sk8man121

    sk8man121 Frozen_Vaporent

    Portland, ME
    I'm slimming down my collection in preparation for a move, so here is a BIG lot of some great vapes, all working effortlessly.

    Note that the total lot (a $670 value) is available as a package at ~25% off for a total of $500 flat. That's a steal, so jump on it (or grab what ya want).

    Photos below list.

    Mistvape Touch + Stem $150

    Mistvape Touch (quilted maple, I believe) purchased early summer 2017 (with "on/off" protective switch) and in like-new condition. There is a slight rattle in the unit that the maker says is likely a tiny piece of pre-production wood that may have come loose but has no impact on the performance or integrity of the vape. Includes stock stem.

    Walnut E-Nano + Power Supply + Stock Stem + Fixed Glass Screen Stem + WPA — $180

    This log vape has been a very good friend for quite a while and operates like the day it was purchased (about 2 years ago). Includes additional fixed glass screen stem and a WPA for the perfect, very thorough package. Power supply included.

    Lotus WPA — $70

    Lotus WPA working flawlessly with some flame coloration (a constant for all units). Missing two red o-rings, but still pairs without issue to water piece (new rings can be requested from the Lotus folks).

    Firewood 4 Cooling Unit — $10

    FW4 cooling unit in great shape. I simply don't use it.

    Vapium Summit — $80

    OG Vapium Summit working like it did when it came out of the box. No charger, but takes any common micro USB cable.

    Arizer Solo + Planet Vapes WPA — $100

    Arizer Solo V1 plus Planet Vapes WPA. Working great, alas no charger or stock stem (can be ordered via Puff it Up, Arizer etc.)

    Omicron V4 + Alpha Centauri Base/Cover $60

    A wonderful oil pen including the billet Alpha Centauri base/cover. Just needs a fresh cartridge and it's ready to vape buckets of concentrates.

    Cloudpen 2.0 Battery $20

    Cloudpen 2.0, battery only—no cartridge or mouthpiece.

    Mistvape Touch

    E-nano Package

    Lotus WPA

    FW4 Cooling Unit

    Vapium Summit

    Arizer Solo + WPA

    Omicron V4

    Cloudpen 2.0

    Message me!

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