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Migraine relief tips

Discussion in 'Medical Discussion' started by CbdLife, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. CbdLife

    CbdLife Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to make a thread about what I have learned about cannabis and my migraines and hopefully help someone.
    I combusted herb as a kid, stopped for a job at age 18 , got my first migraine, started smoking again, stopped at 23 , migraines came back , very brutal for a few years, started to vape only at the age of 26 , migraines would become less frequent, I would quit , then a year or two would go by and I would need to renew my med card and began vaping, this cycle would go on for over a decade ( geesh, time really goes by)
    I am 38, , had ct scans , been prescribed all kinds of pills , tried everything.
    I have chosen to vape cannabis as a lifelong treatment as It reduces migraine frequency and makes the pain less severe when a full blown migraine has set in.
    Cannabis is the lesser of all evils treating migraines in my case, It is not super cheap, and I would prefer a quick fix pill or drink or inhaler , but vaporizing brings relief in seconds , seems like if I have a constant stream of cbd and low dose thc all day everyday , it cuts down on migraine frequency.
    Sorry for the long story, just wanted to say a little something and not just starting to list strains.
    Number 1: strain that helps me the most hands down, Blue Dream , the floral smelling cut. There are a couple different cuts of Blue Dream I come across, the one that helps me the most smells floral, the smell of crayons comes to mind. It has alot of thick orange to light hairs, I go by the smell in this case .
    - Jack Herrer is up there for relief , but when I have a migraine and feel like puking, the smell of Jack Herrer makes me more sick to my stomach.
    Those two bring the most relief if you chose or need to stay awake.
    I am experimenting with vape cartriges but the Blue Dream one is like 70% thc and worry one puff is too strong, will update this when I try that route, I have a AC/DC cart by Absolute Extracts that is roughly 5% thc / 60% CBD and does help a full blown migraine a bit, like may take the edge off for a few minutes , I use this when I can't be too medicated.
    While I am vaping , I probably have ice packs on my head , taking alot of excedrin migraine , eye rubs from who ever will do it ,head rubs , guzzling caffein if I am not vomiting yet, and not eating food until migraine gone, except I may drink a amino acid drink , my intra workout stuff.
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  2. Abysmal Vapor

    Abysmal Vapor Shaman of The Pyramid of Orlin'Malah

    7th heaven - 666th pit (EU)
    Have you tried any herbs , my aunt uses Cumin oil.. ,https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cumin
    Have you ever considered blood or intestine detox ? There are some tibetian purifying teas which can get you really nauseous but you feel better after that.
    Other than that a lot of water,no exposure for long in hot sun weather,lemons,apples ,ginger .
    There also other essential oils that can help you,you should research them,also there are different types of migraine ,which i guess are managed via different methods. I have only a minor issues with migranes long ago, and essential oils like mint and lavender were of great help.
    You should also take a look into some alternative therapies like accupressure and other type of massages. There are points on the head and the hands which if massaged can help a lot too..
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  3. CbdLife

    CbdLife Well-Known Member

    I will give these a try when I can. I had a friend that made oils and tried some sort of a concoction they made from Cayenne pepper but I did not notice a difference, I will give Cumin oil a try.
    I have had relief from a good head massage , I really want to try accupuncture a try but usually when a migraine is in full swing I just want to lay in a dark room, perhaps I should look into a mobile accupuncture / massage therapist. Money is no object when ya want to get rid of the annoying pain at all costs lol , I am a penny pincher to a point , but the pain is soo annoying after years and years, I think I am willing to spend a couple bucks on it at this point.
    I gave up on Doctor visits , seeing new docs , but I did try every pill they gave me , some worked well for a short period of time , then no relief. Doc said as far as pain killers, only morphine would provide relief.
    With choosing the right strains and method of delivery combined with hollistic stuff , I feel morphine can be avoided.
    I could go on, and on and on about migraines.
    I look forward to trying Cumin Oil and looking into detox recipes.
    One road I wont go down is Nitrous Oxide , aka whippets , I hear it can cure a migraine or cluster headache , I forget which ,( I wanna say migraine) some claim instant cure , and perhaps it is safe , I think heart attacks or stroke was a possible side effect , something I read made it a for sure no go for me..
  4. Abysmal Vapor

    Abysmal Vapor Shaman of The Pyramid of Orlin'Malah

    7th heaven - 666th pit (EU)
    :D I would advise to stay away from whiplets and maybe get a big tank ,but again it is dangerous without supervision/sitter. Whiplets have some kind of machine oil inside to keep the metal from the corrosive gas.. It made my cracker can black from inside and i've seen it shooting black balls of oil into the balloon.Balloons are also very nasty,i used a NASAL baloon which was made of medical grade silicone.I now use nitroes from time to time,but i have a cream siphon, with a hose and have installed cotton filters and water filtration :D... and yet again i wont consider it for daily use.
    I have a book about experiments from the 60s where a group of French philosophers talk about their Entheogenic experiences with that gas...
    I meant that you need a sitter only when you use a big tank,cause someone needs to unplug you from the system if you cannot do it yourself ,otherwise you will never wake up ...
    I've tried 4 whiplets into one baloon and i ended on the floor once cause i was trying to stand,but gravity got too strong, so better be sitted .
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  5. CbdLife

    CbdLife Well-Known Member

    Great post..Very informative and helpful..
    I need to check out that book, sounds interesting.
    Very true about having supervison / sittter, If I tried that, I could literally pass out, as I feel I have when I have a migraine.
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  6. hibeam

    hibeam alpha +

    Brave New World
    Lifelong head banger here. Look into magnesium supplementation and food diary. My genetic profile revealed why fermented foods and aged meats cause trouble for so many migraineurs. Trouble detoxing byproducts of degraded protein, such as ammonia, is the culprit. Shocking to discover I cannot tolerate eggs and garlic or onion because genetically I do not metabolize sulfur properly. Now I just avoid a whole litany of foods and being headache free means there is a lot more to life than eating. For me, molybdenum, niacin, and magnesium will help me flush out the ammonia when I eat something to blame. Also, fresh celery juice can clear me up if it is available. I think mmj helps in ways we do not understand yet.
  7. kellya86

    kellya86 Herb gardener...

    @CbdLife you should try a Paleolithic (caveman) diet...
    Its how we are supposed to live, and can clear up many ailments related to your diet.. which can be almost anything...
    You are what you eat...

    I have to avoid being preachy here, but it's the best thing since sliced bread....
    Your not allowed sliced bread....
    Bleached flour isnt good for you..
    No flour is good for you...

    Give this a read and see what you think...

    It may just be the the way to cure the cause of the problem, not just treat it....
    Worth a shot right....

    I don't miss bread, grains, dairy, refined sugars at all...
  8. CbdLife

    CbdLife Well-Known Member

    I have tried magnesium supps, I usually stock some but am out, I will have to get some more and try again, and very good point on the food diary, perhaps the Migraines I get that appear to have no triggger were food related. I usually know when a migraine is coming, like if I go outside with out sunglasses for too long, or I stay up really late, or too active too late at night.I just identified a trigger just recently, every sunday i was getting a migraine,this went on for a few months, I thought was because of my work schedule was altering my sleep , but turned out It was the room I was in, walls were shiny white and reflecting sunlight into my eyes, I blocked out light from window, no migraines since I blocked out light.
    I saw a new device that sends electrical pulses into my head , some one on offer up has one for cheap, I kind of am intriqued , but not enough data on if it really works. I literally have someone slap my head over and over very hard as a way to dull the pain for awhile, A electrical jolt probably would work, I worry about screwing with my hearts rythem with electricity though..Thats my un-educated worry though
    @kellya86 ..
    My reply to you got put in the quote part ..I am a noob with this double quoting..
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  9. C No Ego

    C No Ego Well-Known Member

    for treating migraines promising research has been noted on using low micro dose psychedelics ( not enough to alter your consciousness) like lsd and shrooms... reports are showing it working for the worst cases
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  10. CbdLife

    CbdLife Well-Known Member

    I have been following this for awhile too.
    There is a show on TLC or Discovery channel and a guy that suffered from Cluster Headaches had to take a full dose to get relief .Poor guy did not seem like the type that enjoyed it, but he did it cause It worked for him.
    I can't remember the differences from migraines and clusters , but clusters look brutal , Micro Dosing shrooms would appeal to me when all else has failed, which soom migraines it's hard to get enough relief from cannabis alone, although I am slowly building enough of a tolerance to handle concentrates , once I have given that a try , and that has failed , I will add another option.
    If it works for clusters and migraines there is something to it and medical research needs to perfect it cause it is natural and I am sure the side effects are not as bad as the stuff that gets prescribed for migraines/ clusters..
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  11. Silver420Surfer

    Silver420Surfer Well-Known Member

    @CbdLife From your post first post:

    "Cannabis is the lesser of all evils treating migraines in my case, It is not super cheap, and I would prefer a quick fix pill or drink or inhaler..."

    How about a CBD sublingual spray product? As fast or faster than vaping. No muss, No fuss.
  12. CbdLife

    CbdLife Well-Known Member

    Guess my reply did not post..Sorry for the delay..
    I do need to grab some cbd spray, would have been handy today as I am sick and vapor feels like sandpaper running down my throat. I will give my feedback when I get some spray and try on a migraine
    Tried Purple Caddy for my migraine , and did not help really, I have never had luck with Indicas and my migraines, or perhaps I have not found the right one.
  13. puma88

    puma88 Member

    I made changes to my diet and stopped using a silicone whip and haven't had a single migraine since. I think the diet was the main cause of my migraines but I know some people are very sensitive to silicone so avoiding silicone might be worth a try if you're having trouble finding relief.
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  14. C No Ego

    C No Ego Well-Known Member


    Or even making sure it is clean medical grade / high heat, etc....
  15. KidneyStoner

    KidneyStoner Well-Known Member

    Guys, I.made my own CBD balm. It rubs on like a thick balm.
    Everyone who has used it has told me it helps quite a bit. People have used it on everything from joint pain, to arthritis, to sciatic nerve issues.
    I'm thinking of making another batch and selling some off if anyone is interested.
  16. Squiby

    Squiby Well-Known Member

    Would you share your recipe with us?
  17. Larrytreez

    Larrytreez Member

    I have found that Girl Scout cookies strain works well for pain. How's the balm?
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  18. His_Highness

    His_Highness In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king

    My wife has had migraines that run 24/7 for upwards of 5 years. We had no life. Starts in the morning and the pain increases as the day wears on. The pain level is 7 and up. She's tried amyltriptoloine, topiromate, magnesium, riboflavin, Coq10, brain surgery (anuerism), and many others. Nothing worked completely or provided significant relief. Cannabis is a big help but not always. Indica strains work best. None of the "just CBD" products help her. When I discussed this with the neurologist he said he wasn't surprised the 100% CBD products didn't help because THC is necessary for the "entourage affect". We're waiting on the medical MJ card.

    Then she tried Botox treatments for migraines about 9 months ago....worked like a miracle. The issue with the Botox treatments is they can only be given once every 3 months and they wear off a week to two weeks before each Botox treatment. The other issue is cost....it can run about $800 out of pocket per treatment unless you can get in a manufacturer's savings program. There's another Botox equivalent called Xeomen that works just as well and it's about the same price. It depends on your health insurance...BCBS suggests Xeomen.

    The other issue with Botox.....removed all her wrinkles and now she looks to young for me :D
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  19. Ganjajuana

    Ganjajuana New Member

    I know this feeling too when a headache is so bad that nothing really helps. A friend of mine recommended me Blue Dream as well. Since then I am relieved, cause I can control even the worst pains.
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  20. Gort

    Gort "What Kind Of Time Are These..."

    The Following strains may help BIG TIME...Go for the ones that have the strongest 'fingerprint'--that have the best Entourage Effect- BLUE DREAM, GRANDADDY PURPLE, WHITE RUSSIAN, CAPTAINS CAKE, NOTHERN LIGHTS(actually all strains solely made up of landrace strains may work for individuals),and BLISSFUL WIZARD, all help if a Migraine is coming on or present for me. I also find nice carry-over effects the mext day-in fact that is how I usually prioritise my strain rotation.. These strains also do best knocking out PAIN as well. There was a Headache book that you can find that suggests supplements of Magnesium, B -complex and a good food based multi-vitamin. This all works for me and my mate. Anyone else have specific strains that work for this and other ailments should list them too.
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  21. MinnBobber

    MinnBobber Well-Known Member

    X2 on Blue Dream--it's my go-to for bad pain. I don't get migraines though.

    Here's an easy tip to try, from a CBD manufacturer's rep: if you feel a migraine coming on, rub some cbd oil on your temples to prevent it.
    If you try this, please report back on results....thanks

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  22. Tarhead

    Tarhead New Member

    I'm 8 years into migraines after neck surgery. I lost count of all the preventive meds they have tried. Also Botox, Ice/heat wraps, TENs unit, herbalists (witch doctors), vitamins, minerals, 100 different diets, you name it. The only thing that works to stop the pain for me is Sumatriptan. Opiates don't make it go away. They just make me feel stupid and worthless. The only thing that deals with the pre and post migraine symptoms is BlueDream. I microdose a tenth or so of a gram in a Dynavap and it gets me through it with a smile on instead of sitting around feeling like crap. I'm not in a state that allows it but I never have more than misdemeanor amount in the house so there is that worry...bothers the wife more than me.
  23. Tarhead

    Tarhead New Member

    Has anyone here gotten approved for Disability due to Migraines?
  24. Helios

    Helios Well-Known Member

    down by the river
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