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MaxVapor USB-C Powered E-Nail Controller

Discussion in 'Upcoming and Unreleased Plug-in Vaporizers' started by maxvapor710, Dec 9, 2019.

  1. maxvapor710

    maxvapor710 Manufacturer

    This is something we have had kicking around in the development lab for a couple of years in too many revisions to count, but we feel that USB-C PD chipsets and power adapters have matured enough to finally turn this thing into a product.


    I don't want to show too much, but under this confidential blob is a conglomeration of circuitry that is taking power from a 90 Watt USB-C plug on the top left and powering the 70 Watt DC Axial Coil on the banger.

    I don't think the market has demanded this product, and due to the coil differences (less wraps, lower power requirements) I am not sure how popular this controller would be outside of people that travel frequently but at least this is a place to talk about it.

    We have prototypes of both 25mm and 30mm Axial Coils as well as a Flat Coil that fits the DCup / DNail Halo, but presumably we can have any configuration created if the demand is there.

    Here is a picture showing the Heat Distribution between a standard 110V / 150 Watt AC coil and the new 12VDC / 70 Watt coil.



    It is build around our existing MaxVapor platform, so shares a lot of the same functionality. The software platform will be shared with our existing controller, so all of the same features should carry over.

    Now for the Hardware Specs:
    • Onboard WiFi and Bluetooth LE.
    • OTA Firmware Updates.
    • High Accuracy Temperature Controller Chip.
    • USB-C PD Powered.
    • Can be powered from 90 Watt USB-C Power Brick or Battery
    • High Efficiency 12V Buck Boost Converter for minimal power loss and heat.
    • 90+ Watt USB-C Wall Brick included.
    • Choice of 25mm, 30mm Axial or Flat Coil included.
    • Accelerometer for Tap and Fall Detection
    • Amplified Audio and Speaker
    • Rotary / Knob Control
    • 240x240 1.54-inch Full Color TFT Display
    • Capacitive Touch Screen
    • 8MB PSRAM Upgrade (potential to display games / video / etc on screen)

    In production this device should be relatively small, pocket sized.

    This is not an attempt to solicit pre-orders, I just want to open discussion about the potential of this device and if there is any actual interest in actually bringing such a thing to market. Even if I started the process tomorrow, I estimate it would still take a few months to reach production.

  2. virtualpurple

    virtualpurple Well-Known Member

    I think it sounds dope!

    I don’t have a ton of enail experience, I own a high-5 controller that heats a coil for my Supreme V3. But that’s a pretty big and bulky controller.

    do you have an idea of what a unit would cost?

    I’m sorry for this next naive question, I’m just a little out of my wheelhouse. Would you be able to produce a coil that could be secured around the elev8r. I’ve seen folks mod coils for it before but I am afraid I’d break or damage a coil trying to shape it correctly.


  3. FlyingLow

    FlyingLow Team NO SLEEP!

    very cool! Perhaps I travel too much, I think this is AWESOME!
  4. ensabbahnur

    ensabbahnur Hash Vacuum

    Kickin it live in the 775
    I love the experimentation and the idea is definitely interesting, but I don't see many advantages vs your current, already tiny platform and i don't know who'd you would market it to. But maybe the 12v could be a base for a battery based unit like Errlectric has had for a bit.
  5. yogurtsauce

    yogurtsauce Member

    I would buy one for the right price.

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