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Looking for a clean, stimulating cannabis cartridge

Discussion in 'Vaporizables' started by spinningleaf64, May 8, 2017.

  1. spinningleaf64

    spinningleaf64 New Member


    I'm looking for a stimulating cannabis cartridge that is lab-tested and clean. I've liked Sublime's Lambs Bread and the Green Crack JUJU joint, but they are not clean. I'm looking for something that has been lab-tested for pesticides, molds, and PG/PEG-free. Ideally it would also have added terpenes, which I assume the cartridges I used did, since they were much more stimulating than when I tried straight buds. (I've vaped buds from Keeper's of the Craft's Durban and Tahoe Chem.) I've tried hybrids and indicas and don't like them.

    I'm in Oakland, CA. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm also okay with creating my own vape cartridges + terpenes if I can do so cheaply.
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  2. Gozer

    Gozer 710 snob

    A brand I haven't heard of before The Classic (theclassicrx.com). It has a stainless and quartz body with a ceramic atomizer. SC Lab tested (70%) CO2 extract, clear. I put it on a Cuboid mod at 2.8 watts. Great cartridge.
  3. deepfried510

    deepfried510 Well-Known Member

    I like Jetty, ABX, and the Reserve/Craft Reserve from Organalabs (Carts and syringes). I just got a ton of different cartridges, some were OK(Americanna and Gold Drop). There is a Sublime cart I really liked if you wanna go terpy (Sublime Gold), Himalaya vape was nice too. The flavored gold drop carts aren't that great but the ones that aren't flavored are cool.

    Depending on price of syringes vs carts, I prefer to make my own, but they put the same oil in the carts.

    Where do you normally get your carts? There are a shit-ton of carts on the market, and I'm treating them like pokemon...with descretion.
  4. invertedisdead

    invertedisdead High Standards

    The Full Spectrum
    Pop Naturals seems pretty committed to providing a clean, lab tested product.
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  5. nosmoking

    nosmoking Fogmonger

    DC Area
    I am using Space Ape carts right now and they seem too work well. SC labs tested, high THC % and a good clean effect for daytime. I have narcolepsy so if I can rely on these...they must be pretty clear headed no couch lock effects. Their actual carts suck tho. They use the old school style with a cotton wick string, divided atomizer chambers for bottom fed airflow and plastic tips.
  6. iloveCBD

    iloveCBD Member

    I am in Hayward Ca. Thats near oakland. I recommend getting Heavy hitters, they just started selling them in the bay area. They have some in Hayward in a club called Kali flowers. They had problems with testing for pesticides but they also have been tested clean most of the time so they're just having quality control problems. They have a 2.2g cartridge.

  7. ChaiLifeOR

    ChaiLifeOR Active Member

    I’m in Oregon. As far as the celebrity brands are concerned, the only ones I’ve seen are Rebelution cartridges made by FlavRx(I love FlavRx cartridges. I hate “strains” named after/endorsed by bands. I couldn’t care less...) and of course Marley Natural, who went with a farm most stores won’t even buy from unless it’s under the Marley Natural name, because people are tools. This farm is so bad, their lodge that is a part of the overall business has its very own episode of “Gordon Ramsay’s Hotel Hell.”

    So that’s why I try to avoid the celebrity brands. They’re often just disguising mediocre product with a meaningless endorsement(Bob Marley never smoked anything produced by Marley Natural.)

    Then there’s the fact that most companies doing it are just adding food grade terpenes to “the clear,” which despite its reputation, is not, and probably never was “the best.” It has no natural terpene profile. It’s a very one sided buzz. Great for supercharging other dabs in isolate form, but by itself, not so great.

    Look for full spectrum oil made through fractionalized distillation. Not band names. Then when you find a company that makes them, go with a strain you know.

    Of the brands mentioned above, if they’re as good as they are in Oregon, go with the Reserve/Craft Reserve. The half gram Craft Reserve cartridges still fetch $60-90 for .5 in Oregon. And our high end cartridge industry was hit hard by the introduction of the Pax Era. Most companies that were charging that for half grams have had to drop to where Era Pods are at or below just to stay alive. People still pay an arm and a leg for those .5 Craft Reserve carts.
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