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LA's Best Shatter?

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by CG420, Jun 7, 2014.

  1. CG420

    CG420 Fuck Who You Think I Am

    The Internet
    Just wanted an opinion from folks out around Los Angeles who have been on top of their wax game. If you have been to a certain dispensary with great quality shatter waxes, please feel free to brag here. I prefer shatter because I tend to take my time on it and so being that it is shatter form it is not susceptible to much degradation prior to long term storage. I don't know why but I have thought about collecting them and just putting it into a portfolio with my afterthoughts on the effects, aroma, and taste. I like to keep a detailed journal on the side and well.. It is Cali and I don't mind having a box full of different grams to play with when the world decides it's time for another big earthquake. If there has already been another thread related to this, please let me know. I just know a few of the extract groups around like BAMF, F.O.B, Gold Coast and TERPX but would also like to hear suggestions from others. Don' t be afraid to post photos of your good stuff either. :tup::drool::o:nod:
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  2. FUnhouse

    FUnhouse Well-Known Member

    So I am new to the whole wax/shatter vaping thing so I don't have much experience yet but I can tell you what I know . And I hope others will contribute.

    I have been buying shatter for about the last three weeks and wax for about a year .
    As far as shatter goes I have only gotten it for one place so far NCC in Van Nuys.
    Overall the place is not great but they have a ton of shatter and wax and its not expensive (25 g)
    I tried the Green Fuzz last week and it was good but didn't knock me on my ass But that could just be vaping .
    I also tried the $100 og and that was a bit stronger but I need more time to give a full review .

    Yesterday I got some "high CBD"wax they called Cheesil and it seems to take my pain down a bit more so I guess its working . And Its nice mixed with a bit of the $100 pg.

    That's all I know for now , not much I know,but I would love some recommendations for other good spots.
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  3. Trixman22

    Trixman22 Member

    West Coast Cures has some pretty good stuff. Crown Extracts is ok and HGH is killing it. I also reside in LA area. Everything you named plus these two are the best extract artist in the LA area that I know of in the clubs.

    What clinics do you frequent and how much you typically spend per G? I try to keep it $60 or less but so many shops gouging on proper shatter.

    I go to Venice Medical Center. They some times have gems hidden in with the bulk of trash $50Gs. I also like Bellflower Patients Group. They are hit or miss but they are the only spot I know of that you can get HGH for less then $70 a G(has to be during wax happy hour or FTP deal)

    SBCC was a cool spot until they got shut down.

    In OC I have heard good things about The Fire Department but have yet to go there.

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