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Kandypens Crystal Black

Discussion in 'Sold, Traded, Found, Closed' started by MothChewMoth, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. MothChewMoth

    MothChewMoth Gamer Extraordinaire

    This is a Kandypen Crystal Black that comes with ONE battery and is in excellent working condition. This was acquired via relatively recent trade. After some experimentation, concentrate pens just aren't for me. It works great, but carrying around concentrate and using it on the go is a PITA for me.

    I'm looking to trade for a wide variety of stuff, but all flower vapes. Happy to throw in cash on top depending on the trade. Here's a smattering of things I'm looking for (and things I'm not)

    Interested in:
    Unregulated handhelds (RBT, MFLB, etc)
    NewVape setup (flowerpot, showerhead, etc)
    Log vapes (woodscents, enano, etc)
    Cool glass
    Cool accessories for some of my other stuff (Evo, Milaana, Splinter, Omnivap, Carta, G43)

    Would consider:
    Ghost w/dispenser, quick charger

    Not interested in:
    Concentrate pens
    S&B stuff
    Sticky Bricks

    Hit me up if you're interested!


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