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It's story time!

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by herbivore21, Feb 22, 2014.

  1. herbivore21

    herbivore21 Well-Known Member

    So, it is time I told just how impressed I have been with vaping and especially my experience on this message board.

    First of all, some background. I am almost 30, I have combusted herb since I was way to young to, which luckily has not interfered with my functioning or adult life at all, but is strongly not recommended.

    This constant, long term and well conditioned toking had me build up quite a tolerance. I was a joints man. I often burned down 25+ very lightly mixed (7:1 ganj:tobacco) doobies a day.

    I got older and realised I probably couldn't continue smoking this amount forever, and that the tobacco had to go (very close to 1 in 2 tobacco smokers die from something smoke related)! So, with cigarettes out of my system for months but still smoking the same number of joints, I bought a PNP due to reviews here and a video demo from VapeFiend UK.

    It arrived, I immediately enjoyed both bullets on setting 1/2 and loved it! Felt so much better on my throat (although a little dry), baked for longer and clearer. However, settings 3/4 and 5 with the FMJ were too harsh without some cooling. I ordered a PNWT and got to using that and enjoyed the experience even moreso! I was off combustion for good... I thought!

    The PonG issue cropped up. I got multiple melted/chipped PonGs, nasty plastic tastes a couple of times and a chip of plastic on top of my AVB after use one time. It was not so nice. At the same time I was learning more about glass (from this message board mostly!) and knew I needed a bigger perc piece to get the diffusion/hits I wanted. I made a thread here asking what would be best and was not only given loads of very useful and carefully detailed advice, but was also pointed to the classifieds where I found my current Luke Wilson Leisure 15 Arm Tree Perc. I got a combustion slide so as to be able to use something while the PonG issue was resolved (by myself and with the help of this forum!).

    I got into the PNP thread discussion about damaged PonGs on higher heat settings. Members there have managed to detail enough data for us to determine some common usage cases where this kind of thing can occur (using the piece upside down with plastic makes metal bullet touch plastic, melt plastic, heat setting 5 with full size bullet may also bring too much heat too close to PonG etc etc...). However after my 3rd set of plastic PonGs started changing shape and chipping away, I knew it was time for a better solution. A member here pointed me to a glassblower to make me a custom GonG adapter for my PNP. I got this made and received it a week or so ago. It is incredible. It tastes amazing, it unlocks the highest vaping setting to me which I am using to vape as I type this! I learned how to reclaim from my glass here too to I can keep it all spotless (crucial for those with a lady or someone else to keep happy in the house!).

    People here gave me enough info to work out how convection works and that if I finely grind material and pack it loosely, it will vape amazingly. That helped me load up my current chamber of QWISO and orange cheesey buds (appropriately mixed and layered to avoid resin in the heating element). This got me baked enough not to miss the high I got from an ounce a week of combustion plus tobacco mixture. Also probably put many, many years onto my still relatively early life!

    So here's a photo of the rig now, before my E-Nano (again bought on advise and gushing of members of this forum!) gets here.


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  2. Enchantre

    Enchantre Oil Painter

    WA USA

    That was very nice! I hope for you that you really enjoy your Nano when you get it, too! :)
  3. herbivore21

    herbivore21 Well-Known Member

    the nano is amazing, thanks! Cant wait to get a stepdown converter and not be limited to using the nano in my car haha :)
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  4. Philreal187

    Philreal187 Well-Known Member

    I spent about a month researching portable vapes, I was stuck between the solo, ascent, pnp, and firefly which I learned about last. I already got a vapor brothers box unit over 4 years ago now and still love it. I just wanted to take the next step and vape outside of my house, since me and most of my friends just toss on blunts or smoke bowls I was hoping to get something easy for everyone to use. I finally got my income tax returned and went with the pinnacle pro after endless videos and research on FC along with reading product reviews on sites that sell vaporizers. End result is the pnp is awesome I still cant believe how I can be driving my car doing some running around and get perfect vape hits and its perfectly discreet. I have shared it with 4 daily combustors at once and they all loved it and its hilarious to watch them take a hit and cough there face off cuz they aren't use to vaping haha. To my surprise the pnp also held up to 4 people sharing at once. I also ordered the water tool and it was on back order when it finally showed up about 4 days ago and I used it I knew I was never going to need to smoke at my house at least anymore. The pnp is great for using all the product u put it and if u just use a little it does a good job. Which was the only down fall to my vapor brothers unit was I need a good bit to pack it up right or else it seemed to not be worth it. But not with the pnp its probably less then most bowl sizes to fill it and it smokes like a nice size joint. If I add kief to it I will be able to get at least two 8 min sessions. I did find I don't like vaping the hash patty from my press out of it b/c I don't think it uses all the hash, still in trial and error mode with my hash cuz that is all new to me. All and all the pinnacle pro has exceeded my expectations for a portable vape. I now think Im becoming addicted to this who vape thing like I was with buying cool art glass to smoke from, now I cant stop thinking about what vaporizer I wanna get next but the bottom line is between my vb and pnp I don't even need anything else haha. I have only had my pnp for about 3 weeks but I couldn't be happier and I hope in a year from now its in the same shape cuz it is about perfect. Once vapor blunt finishes this GonG I kno this will be the one of the best over all portable vapes on the market. Im gonna try to hold off a year before I buy any more vaporizers and come next year at this time if there is one that seems to take the portable to the next level and im looking for the firefly company to be the ones... I might invest. Until then ill be cruising with my pnp everywhere I go.

    SUCCESS!!! I have a portable vape that meets all my needs thanks vapor blunt, but most importantly thanks to everyone for all the post and helpful info on all the portable vapes, if it wasn't for all the positive reviews I might have gone solo and im sure that would have kept me just as happy haha but the pnp is way more discreet in my personal opinion.

    Ps. I might get this D020 bubbler for 30 bones because of all the positive reviews on FC, plus its 30 doll hairs how can u pass up glass that cheap haha. Ill report back in a month or so if I pull the trigger on the d020 and voice my opinion.
  5. Mr. Gweilo 420

    Mr. Gweilo 420 Dude

    The Far East
    Well done Phil. Glad you are enjoying your vaping. Just wanted to say I also acquired the D020 bubbler recently and it is really nice for the price. Enjoy :)
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  6. herbivore21

    herbivore21 Well-Known Member

    You guys each need to try the E-Nano. It is a great workhorse and reliably generates clouds too big for one lungful from tiny amounts of herb. Can be left on 24/7 and is under $200. I even damaged mine by running it through 240v (it is 120v only) and the manufacturer is sending me a replacement part which i can put in myself, for free.

    Also getting my hands on the Lotus tomorrow, will give my thoughts soon. The E-Nano leaves battery powered portables for dead! I haven't used my PNP since. Got some new glass acquisitions too, see my sig for the current line-up! The PNWT is long gone but since then I have been slowly acquiring glass. It is a fool's errand, but so rewarding when vaping at high temps!
  7. PhilKleeman

    PhilKleeman New Member

    Amazing.. Another good story..Vaping is the best activity for me and I am not smoking too:)

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