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Is there a way to kill pot in general smell? So it never smells again

Discussion in 'ABV' started by Mookie0608, Aug 11, 2018.

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  1. newVaper420

    newVaper420 Vapor Enthusiast

    Ok Mookie I think your best solution is concentrates. More specifically those vape pens. Just like Carter :-)

    But I’m not sure jersey sells them. Looks like they may only sell flower.

    That’s your solution though I think.
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  2. DeeCee5

    DeeCee5 Masshole and proud of it

    As I have only used the ONA Pro Gel, I can't comment on what the other varieties smell like. I can only describe ONA Pro as a chemically concentrated "fresh linen, dryer sheet with a touch of urinal cake" smell - which makes sense if you understand it was originally created to mask the order from sewerage plants.

    I use a small amount of ONA gel in a small jelly type jar with holes punched in the lid. This controls the odors in a 12' x 15' room.

    If you use too much ONA in a small room the smell will overwhelm you.
    Because of the way that ONA binds to other smells, you would not want to use it in a grow room
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  3. VaporWare

    VaporWare Well-Known Member

    I do my best to help everyone I can, but I think I’m done trying to talk to you. You ask tons of questions and want other people to figure out how to solve your problems, but you rarely take the advice we offer so you continue having a lot of the same problems and asking the same questions again.

    That part is frustrating, but calling people “pussy faggots”, let alone endorsing child abuse (which just turns out fucked up adults who fuck up their own kids) is revolting. I’ll try to remember that you may be an example of that and not be overly angry at you, but you need to know that shit is not okay.

    Good luck.
  4. Mookie0608

    Mookie0608 Active Member

    I will try both. And maybe I wouldn’t seem like I don’t take advice if the advice given pertained to what I was talking about but I get it, and actually I do take it, and it has worked.
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  5. invertedisdead

    invertedisdead High Standards

    The Full Spectrum
    I would suggest an essential oil diffuser, it's going to work much better than a candle.
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  6. Stu

    Stu Maconheiro Staff Member

    southeast of disorder
    This thread is shut down.

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