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Immortalizer RDA Help

Discussion in 'ABV' started by Duquesne, Mar 10, 2014.

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  1. Duquesne

    Duquesne Well-Known Member

    New here, not sure if this is the right place to be posting, but the search function isn't working at the moment and I'm looking for some help with building an rda for shatter wax.

    Pretty new to concentrates in general. I have a glass globe and ceramic bowl setup currently, but the ceramics wear out a little faster than I can afford(also, I don't know proper upkeep yet), so I'm looking into how to use an RDA for wax. On the recommendation of a guy at a local shop, I purchased an Immortalizer clone. He suggested the placement of the airholes made it ideal for wax. It finally arrived, and I'd like to get started with it, unfortunately I don't have a lot of wax to experiment, so I was looking for some pointers before I go too far.

    Actual questions:

    1: RDAs in general - is there anything you do differently with wax vs nic juice? I've been told to do a standard silica build, but to keep 0nic vg base around to keep the wick saturated. Anyone heard of this?

    2: Anything about the immortalizer specifically that requires special treatment? I would imagine with the airholes underneath a wickless coil is out of the question (I heard it can be done, not sure if it is better).

    3: How much should I load, and how long can I expect to go before reloading? One of the things I'm not wild about with the globe is constant reloading. I don't think the rda will solve this, but I'd be curious how to maximize packs.

    4: It came in the mail with a silica build and ribbon wire. I will be rebuilding with either 28g or 32g. Can I use the stock build? Is the ribbon going to be better than the round (is it the same theory of surface area/personal preference as with nic liquid)? Is 28g or 32g better (or just preference again)?

    5: Since I have your attention - what would the recommendation be for the on-the-go device that allows the longest time between packs, but still operates smoothly (I've read you can pack a lot in a gpen, but that it probably won't work well).

    I've got a good grasp on ecigs, and on flower. But concentrates and the devices to use them are still pretty new, so any suggestions are appreciated. FWIW right now I'm using a knife as a dab tool, but I've got a couple proper ones on the way. (What do you take out with you? Even when I close my pocketknife I still get lint on the sticky tip.)

    Thanks for any help.
  2. Lo

    Lo Combustion free since '09

    Forum running too slow at present for me to dig for you but I recommend you dig around in the Concentrates section and maybe a little digging in the Portable section as well, there is an e-cig style section there. Lots of people using RDA's with concentrates but I'm not one of them. My RDA's have nic liquid in them :D

    Good luck!
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