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I plan on preparing E juice with BHO

Discussion in 'Vaporizables' started by fs655321, Aug 29, 2014.

  1. fs655321

    fs655321 Member

    Hi kids,

    So I just searched for info on procedure, recipes, and such on this fine forum; and read a bunch of other threads on the subject. I've seen a lot of conflicting opinions and wildly different formulas, but I think I've garnered enough information to begin working on a formula of my own. Please, chime in if you have something to say!

    Back story: The volcano still rules my plug in, at home, green bud vape world... but I've been trying out lots of pocket vaporizers to find the perfect device for on the go. After panning the atmos, MFLB, and omicron for varying reasons, I am now using the Cloud Pen 2.0, which uses a fiberous wick with a metal coil atomizer to vape wax or shatter with great results. It was cheap, replacement atomizers are cheap, it produces mega clouds, and gets me ripped. Also I love that it recharges with a micro USB (same as my smartphone), the battery lasts days, and it's *super* small and discreet. My favorite pocket vape so far! I do, however, think it burns the product a little, and even if it doesn't the hits are very harsh. And as the wax/shatter is not fully contained inside the device, I'm always trying to keep it upright, and even so inevitably wiping it down with alcohol every day when it gets sticky.

    I was remembering how I did love the smooth hits that the glycerine based atmos vape delivered, as well as the cleanliness factor of contained tanks/cartridges... although the vaporizer itself was surely wack. So, for my next device, I recently purchased a Vision Spinner II E cig type vape with a Kangertech Aerotank Mega Cartomizer (haven't used it yet), and I intend to craft my own home made e juice with BHO. Lots of people seem to make a tincture via infusion, using ground up bud infused straight into the glycerine, or by adding green dragon, but I'm looking for a really high test BHO product to suit my very high tolerance.

    Now, this involves emulsifying the BHO into the PG or VG or what have you. I've read there is an attachment you put on a Dremel tool which mechanically whips the tincture... sounds neat, but I'd like to see if it is in fact necessary. I've also read that acetone or isopropyl alcohol will work as an emulsifying agent (and of course you are supposed to cook out these more volatile/poisonous ingredients before vaping). Not liking those options, I decided to go with slightly less toxic everclear 190 as my solvent, and I've obtained some for that purpose.

    Here's my plan: heat the bho in a glass receptacle immersed in a water bath until it's nice and runny (I don't have lab equipment, and I'm hoping to do this without exact temperatures). Add a couple drops of everlear and cut it into the warm bho with an exacto knife. Add a couple more drops, mix further, repeat until a 1/1 ratio by volume has been reached. Then, slowly add a PG/VG mix to the hopefully stable everclear/bho emulsion. Might as well go with a 1/1 ratio again? Mix, cool, and try to vape it if the emulsion holds. If I start with a gram of BHO, then I should yield just under 4 grams of ejuice after evaporation. This of course would be 1/4 as strong as straight wax out of my Cloud Pen, but (hopefully) much smoother to inhale.
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  2. DieHard

    DieHard Vertical transportation specialist.

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  3. fs655321

    fs655321 Member

    Thanks, I'm reading your thread now.
  4. 420time

    420time Well-Known Member

    if using nector or co2, you dont need to winterize.
  5. GanjaGrynch

    GanjaGrynch Cave Dweller

    I have heard that you can thin/homogenize BHO for e-cig by mixing your oil with an equal amount of limonene (or food-grade d-limonene) and then dilluting with PG/VG to adjust for consistency and potency. It is reported to give the vape a citrusy taste/smell, also. I am planning on trying this myself, once I find decent information on an easy and portable vaping solution.

    Oh, and I almost forgot.. this can all be done at room temperature.
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