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I need help in picking a portable vaporizer

Discussion in 'ABV' started by geetimesthree, May 25, 2014.

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  1. geetimesthree

    geetimesthree Gx3

    Olive Garden Everett Mall
    How's it going vaporizers?
    I love vaporizing, and have owned a couple knock off's (eclipse knock off to magic flight; a knock off volcano; a knock off vapor log); and I paid 200+ for a pax last year;
    That being said, I haven't had anything other than rolling papers for quite some time, and I plan on purchasing an herbalizer once I get my own place in 2 months.

    Right now, I am focusing on getting my shit together to move, and qutting smoking.

    that's right. I'm done with smoking! but I need something a replacement.

    I want a portable device, with multiple capabilities.
    I am done with cigarettes, so one of the main reasons I want this device is to use with e-liquid.

    I have looked at the trifecta; the G pen with hookah/oil/and herb tips; and many others. They don't seem like they are worth it to me.
    I NEED to vaporize BHO, and e-liquid.
    I WANT to vaporize herb. I am aware that most "vaporizers" of this style will combust my herb (especially if I am not patient with my frequency of hits; etc)
    I would rather there be an option to use with herb, even if it combusts. But this is not the reason I want one of these, and because I can get high on the concentrates, this isn't required. BHO and liquids are required.

    money is not an issue.
    I would like solid battery life, especially because I am going to be smoking this in place of cigarettes.
    A warranty, or a reputable company would be nice.

    Also, what do you guys think of the Whit Rhino Trifecta; the G pen setup (with each tip)? For Herb, BHO, and liquid (If I don't mind combustion)
    Both are on sale today and tomorrow.
    Has anyone used the gentleman's brand herb attachment for e-cigarettes? It doesn't claim to vaporize, it admits it combusts.
  2. 420democrat

    420democrat Well-Known Member

    For something with oil capabilities and herb and portable is alot to ask for and I believe your only option would be cera with ll and eo carts or I think persei has a herb attachment. I'm not an owner of either but read up on both of them often and considered cera myself for a while
  3. syrupy

    syrupy Authorized Buyer

    The problem seems to be in the differences of consistency of the material. Tanks that work well for waxes, will usually leak e-juice, and e-juice tanks don't work for much else besides Pure Gold or liquid forms of THC. Flowers are a whole other animal completely. If money isn't a problem, I'd get a Solo for flowers and portable use. (You can also put oils on the flowers and use them in the Solo). Then a separate device for oils. I have the Persei and it works well for my situation. They also sell e-juice tanks for the Persei, so you can switch tanks out.

    Other brands have similar solutions. But the basic concept is the same-- interchangeable tanks/carts for juice and oils, maybe one for flowers (though I still say get a dedicated flower vape). :2c::peace:
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  4. 420democrat

    420democrat Well-Known Member

    Solo always wins!
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  5. hoptimum

    hoptimum Well-Known Member

    No single portable device is going to satisfy all of your requirements, least of all vapor pens, which only work with concentrates
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  6. max

    max Out to lunch

    That would be 'vaporists'. ;)

    You may be looking for more than the market currently can provide. Think about lowering your requirements or considering multiple models to meet all your needs. Also keep in mind that producing vaping temps with a small battery or batteries is a big job and drains 'em pretty fast, and although pen style vapes are nice size wise, the small size makes long term reliability iffy.
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  7. geetimesthree

    geetimesthree Gx3

    Olive Garden Everett Mall
    I knew vaporizers didn't sound right.

    Anyway, I just bought a G pen with a couple of hookah attachments.
    I am going to try out the herbal attachment, but I don't think I will use it much.
    Either way, it'll work for bho and ejuice, like I need.
    I hope the battery life isn't that horrible.

    I might get a Persei eventually.
  8. Wizsteve

    Wizsteve Well-Known Member

    your main cost will be the battery mod you will want variable voltage and wattage upwards to 99 dollars clones to 50 or so.than you need mods for each you use but some mods to do work well for both oil and liquid you most likely wont be wanting to get high while your using your nic juice for flowers you buy the yohcan 94 f add a screen or ceramic disk your set it holds over a half gram look at rebuildables mods .
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