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how cool is that

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by DoctorSleep, May 17, 2015.

  1. DoctorSleep

    DoctorSleep New Member

    I decided to give vaping a chance after another member of my family got cancer. Short research told me that in case of portability, Crafty is the best there is. Expensive as shit, but I had this vision of myself dying in my 20's, so screw it. truth to be told I had this mixed feelings and a head full of thoughts like: "Its probably not gonna give me the same feeling, that smoking weed gives" or "who are you kidding, you are coughing already on daily basis, you are gonna die next week and no toy can change that".
    Vaping gets me so high, I couldnt believe it at first, joints can suck it. Honestly, I kinda miss sharing a joint with my friends, but its purely social thing, because right now smoking feels wasteful.
    Whats even better than getting high, is health condition. Before vaping I've been smoking regularly for years, last months I developed a cough that i just couldnt get rid of. It started to scare me, well, I smoke two or three times a week and I cough every day, not a good deal in my mind. Right now the cough is completely gone, my throat and my lungs feel absolutely fantastic, which really makes me happy.
    I kinda feel the urge to tell people how great it is:)
    Fuck combustion
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  2. Enchantre

    Enchantre Oil Painter

    WA USA
    Woo Hoo! That rocks! :)

    Welcome to Combustion FUCKED! :tup:
  3. herbivore21

    herbivore21 Well-Known Member

    Great news bro, welcome aboard and good on you for making a positive change for your health! I remember the same thoughts of impending death with regard my mastodonic joint smoking habit before I switched as well!

    You started off right, got a great vape (only downside on Crafty is battery life, and it depends on the user's needs whether this is a dealbreaking issue or not an issue) which can deliver lung busting hits which won't leave you wanting for another j. Well done!

    Now you will need to concentrate your energies on trying to keep your vaporizer purchasing habits at bay lol
  4. Skyscraper

    Skyscraper Well-Known Member

    Worrying about dying in your 20's? Oh man that sure is a buzzkill.

    There's folks in the cannabis community smoking a pound of buds in no time. You've got nothing to worry about man.

    Welcome to the light side of the force
  5. Hashtag46&2

    Hashtag46&2 Trichome Technician

    7th Floor
    Really Cool!!:nod:

    Welcome to FC!

    Gotta agree with @Skyscraper ....

    I have pushed my body and health to the limits and way beyond. (Absurd amount of, well.... Just about everything under the sun..)

    Especially LSD, and Shrooms. Once ate a 1/5th of a sheet of California Sunshine (20 tabs). And a 3/4 of an oz. of mushrooms.

    I certainly could've gone toe to toe with Hunter S. Thompson :razz:

    You will be fine ...

    And, hold on tight.. Vaping gets better and better the more you learn the nuances of your Vaporizers.

    Is it not unbelievable that you're getting higher from 0.1-0.2 of herb vs a 2 gram baby arm joint?
    ^^This continues to blow my mind.
  6. CuckFumbustion

    CuckFumbustion Lo and Behold! The transformative power of Vapor.

    Cuckfumbustion Central
    Glad you started early, too. I knew little of vaping when I started using glass bowls:myday: vs joints.
    You quit vaping and you found FC too.:cool: How cool is that? Welcome to the community. Looks like you are already getting sound advice too.
    You might want a desktop to offset the portable. Less wear on the batteries. But there is VAS creep like @herbivore21 mentioned. I own 2 portable that I use and 1 desktop as my rotation.
    Technique will get you better results too. like @Hashtag46&2 mentioned. Plus there is convection and conduction vapes as a comparison. Hope to see more of you at FC. :tup:
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  7. Frogman

    Frogman Well-Known Member

    awesome man welcome! I am back to vaping and my lungs feel amazing.
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  8. mark1henry21

    mark1henry21 New Member

    Vaping is cool for sure..I started vaping last weekend and my smoking cravings are seriously down..
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