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HE Infiniti w/carb cap, and lots of glass, everything must go.

Discussion in 'Sold, Traded, Found, Closed' started by clouded vision, Jul 13, 2014.

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  1. clouded vision

    clouded vision Well-Known Member

    It is with a heavy heart that I do this but unfortunately due to a family crisis I must sell my entire collection & drastically reduce my cannabis use. I have included the mandatory picture here but I have several pictures & videos of everything that I don't feel like uploading. I am happy to provide more pictures of anything I only ask that you PM me your email, kik or phone number to make it easier on me. I am negotiable on all of the glass. I will also be including random other accessories I will no longer need with all purchases. Paypal or certified funds only, all prices include fees & shipping CONUS only

    Here is what I have
    1 - Arizer solo - sold
    2 - Ski Mask Glass 14mm Freaker Beaker with removable 4 slit "showerhead" downstem $500 obo
    3 - Geoff Platt Glass 14mm donut mouthpiece recycler with HE Dualiti domeless & 18>14 adaptor to protect the piece. I am including the dualiti because the joint is too thick to fit a flux or tiphoon nail (it will fit an adjustable without a counterweight) and Platt rarely includes domes. $425 obo
    4 - Bates x Worm 14mm Diffusion Pump. Clear marble, the joint is slightly stained but the glass is flawless. $3oo obo
    5 - Slum Gold 14mm Chop Top. Hundred spokes, praying hands with money chain, $G logos & ghetto blasters. $400 obo
    6 - Sandalz Glass 10mm Slime Pendant recycler with 10mm New Vape domeless nail. $200 obo
    7 - Johnny Landini 14mm Octopus mini rig - sold
    8 - HE Infiniti domeless nail with HE carb cap & dabber. Comes with 2 large (1 heavy use, 1 moderate use) & 2 small cups (1 moderate use, 1 not even seasoned but slightly rainbowed). $125 obo

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