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Have you guys seen this documentary? very Interesting

Discussion in 'Medical Discussion' started by Tricuspid, May 25, 2014.

  1. Tricuspid

    Tricuspid New Member

    So I was surfing youtube looking for my first vape :bang: can't decide :doh:.

    And here I only use it once a week to get a 10+ hour sleep or relax during my day offs because I usually work graveyard and only have 4 hours to sleep before my class starts.

    One thing that catched my attention was that we have receptors for THC and such in all over our body (MAJOR ORGANS!) like it was meant to be used by humans. Another thing is that it affects memory, I know for a fact that humans only uses 10%. Its like a computer that has a limited capacity (RAM) that if it gets full it doesn't work as well when it was recently turned on. What I'm getting from this documentary is that its like a reset button that only gets rid of the built up useless memory, like restarting a computer.

    I'm studying 3D Modelling for Games and Animation so I know that a computer needs to be restarted at least every 4 hours if you don't want your program crashing because of the built up memory and If you crash and you forgot to save your back to your last file saved.


    Click to play YouTube Video
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  2. tango777

    tango777 Peace

    Thanks Triscuspid for the great video.
  3. photobooth

    photobooth Well-Known Member

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