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Hash vs. Hash Oil

Discussion in 'Vaporizables' started by ghostofcyberx13, Jan 21, 2018.

  1. ghostofcyberx13

    ghostofcyberx13 And That Ain't No Joke, You Can Disappear In Smoke

    Route66 to ORION
    Hello. I'm new here at FC but I've been around, I'm 68 and now retired. I have smoked MJ since Vietnam1968(Never out in the "Boonies", just the same time and safe place you could have a beer or whiskey. It was rare but we did have them).

    In the early seventies I tried hash and many ways to smoke it. Mixed with Kool cigarette for a menthal flare. Mixed with MJ. Smoked in pipes. However the really good stuff we "Hot-Knifed" and snorted, having at least three gas burners burning and at least 10 butter knives.

    Well one day someone had gotten hold of a few grams of "Honey-Oil" and we would smoke it straight out of a glass pipe, or we would spread it on a Kool cigarette(At least menthal was nice). In 50 years of doin' some form of THC, "Honey-Oil" was the best with just one exception. That exception, we(Grunts USMC) were in a fairly safe area with great bunkers and tons of constantina wire around the perimeter, and unless you were on perimeter guard, it was down-time. Beers could be drank, but smokin' had to be somewhat discreet. It was daytime and maybe five of us were standin' or sittin' atop the sandbags on top of bunker. Another Marine buddy came by and passed a joint around. Now Vietnamese smoke is absolutely some of the best and not until Sensamia started showing did anything even come close. Back at the bunker. I had three hits on that joint and moments later I was...zzzzzzz. Hour or so later I asked the Marine who brought the joint what the heck was it? Turns out the joint was soaked in opium. Maybe if I had known I would have had only two hits, as I don't ever smoke to sleep.

    Well I am going to buy my first legal THC next week but since I already have a very decent stash of super-weed, I thought I would purchase some hash or hash-oil. I will put my mt. bike on the train(Cal-Train) and 45 minutes later I will be in San Francisco. I will go to the "Apothecarium"(3 locations) at SOMA because it's maybe 15 minutes or so from the train station.

    Anyway this thread is a "Scouting Mission" seeking any info pertaining to Hash or Hash-Oil. So far from what I have seen here at FC there are many here that have ton's of knowledge and don't seem to mind sharing same. Now in the interest of efficiency, I'm only seeking info about bkuying and consumption, and not growing or making it. Thank you all. Sayonara.
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  2. invertedisdead

    invertedisdead High Standards

    The Full Spectrum
    I enjoyed your story, but didn't see any actual questions pertaining to hash in your post? Is there something specific you would like to learn about?
  3. Silver420Surfer

    Silver420Surfer Well-Known Member

    I would start by looking online at that dispensarys website to see if they offer that which you seek(or even better call them before you take a 45 min. train ride). Then have a read through the 3 part guide below and come back with any questions to make it easier to help you. It would take way longer to get the information here in this post than can be found in these short, informative articles.

    My lord...$68 for an eighth...plus taxes(rec) at that dispensary you are going to visit:(
    The SF location menu shows some ugly looking shatter(wouldnt waste money on dark oil in this day and age at a dispensary, imo, too much better product available).

    This may not be the most popular choice, but, I think it is a smart one assuming you have no dabbing rig,nail,toch,etc., at the moment. Again, my opinion, why spend money on concentrates, just to make a flower sandwich(which is a layer of ground flower, some concentrate, then layer of ground flower on top) in your current flower vape. See if the have a deal on the Pax Era vape(usually buy a Live Resin pod and get the Pax Era free). They have the pods on their menu, i already checked. This will get you into concentrates for the cost of the Pax Era concentrate pod($73 on the high end for the Live Resin pods, $45 on the low end for CO2 oil pods...for 1st time...Treat Yo' self and try the Live Resin pods. If you decide to pursue concentrates...you can always try the $45 pods and then see what's best for you. Now for the same $73 it seems that dispensary has a whole gram(the Pax Era pods are 1/2gram, at least in Colo)of Live Resin, shatters, etc, which gets you double the product, but now you gotta buy an enail, new glass rig, torch, whatever else. I stick by the Pax Era until you see where you want to go in concentrates. No offense...this shit ain't no old school "honey oil" in terms of potencylol. Be careful at first.

    You should have a decent working knowledge after the short read to see what might fit your needs/wants.

    Part 1-Marijuana concentrates 101: Shatter/BHO, rosin, kief and more

    Part 2-Cannabis concentrates 101: How to consume them — dabbing, vaping and more

    Part 3-Concentrates 101: Why vape or dab? Potency, flavor & other factors

  4. ghostofcyberx13

    ghostofcyberx13 And That Ain't No Joke, You Can Disappear In Smoke

    Route66 to ORION
    Wow, so much info and you added resources too. Then you did some scouting(Checking Apothecarium SOMA Menu)on your own for my quest, and that my friend is very much appreciated so a 1000 "Good Karma" points to you. There will be a day when you least expect it and they will kick in and only in hindsight will you know doze points were there.

    Well I wanna try whatever I get with my Airvape XS as I just want to purchase THC product and not any major equipment at this time. I will be dealin' in cash as I don'use my debit for anything at all, credit cards not an option at the store. So I'll be limited to maybe 3-5 hundred.

    I'm going to check those sites you gave me then recheck the menu. After that I will go to the store and see what my budget will buy and who knows I might take some advise from a store sales person. Well thanks again and I will post an update after I go shopping, which is gonna be a trip in more ways than one. I mean it's pretty exciting to go shopping for my first legal THC(Hash). Sayonara.
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