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Glass for a SSV

Discussion in 'Glass' started by TBTD, Dec 4, 2013.

  1. TBTD

    TBTD New Member

    Like the title says I am in search for a piece of higher end scientific glass for my SSV. My friend recently broke my cheap china glass I had purchased in order to gauge how much I liked water conditioned vapor and it is now time to move on. I have spent a considerable amount of time combing throughout the various threads and have selected a few pieces based on these personal requirements:
    Price range: $350 - $450 (USD) This is slightly flexible
    Style preference: Stemless, bubbler preferred
    Usage: The piece will be primarily used with my SSV, however because I plan to "entertain" with it as well it must preform well with flowers.
    Percolation: I only want a single perc, as the piece will be primarily used to condition vapor.

    Main Considerations:
    Möbius Clear Bubbler with Matrix Perc: http://aqualabtechnologies.com/scie...lassworks-clear-bubbler-with-matrix-perc.html
    Sovereignty G-Line Up: http://aqualabtechnologies.com/scie...s/sovereignty-glass-60-mm-g-line-up-blue.html

    Other Considerations:
    Möbius Stemless with Stero Matrix: http://aqualabtechnologies.com/scie...0-mm-stemless-bubbler-with-stereo-matrix.html
    Mad Rob Clear 13 Arm Mini: http://aqualabtechnologies.com/scie...d-rob-glass-clear-13-arm-mini-tube-green.html
    Roor Tech Barrel Perc Bubbler: http://aqualabtechnologies.com/scie...ch-glass-barrel-perc-bubbler-white-20183.html

    I have no experience with high end glass so I am feeling rather lost as to my decision. I know that the Matrix has zero-drag, is over gridded to prevent drag at any draw speed, provides more diffusion (less taste) than the G-Line but this means very little to me especially when there are so many Sov owners talking about how minimal the drag is with their G-lines. Any experience or insight is greatly welcomed as well as new recommendations.

    Edit: I just realized my question is somewhat unclear. I have very little experience with high end glass, and I want to get the best possible piece within my specified price range. I am looking for advice from people who have vapor + water rigs and can help me decide based on their experience.
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2013
  2. olivianewtonjohn

    olivianewtonjohn Well-Known Member

  3. TBTD

    TBTD New Member

    Yeah I have looked at some of those before as well as Apix designs, but I am more comfortable paying the markup of a well established brand for quality.
  4. Frederick McGuire

    Frederick McGuire Aggressively Loungey

    At that price range, the world is your oyster.

    My möbius clear matrix is my favourite piece of glass.

    I'm not the biggest fan of the look of that Aeon matrix, but everything jhan puts out is very cleanly made.
    I've also heard nothing but good things about apix.

    A few other pieces I'd suggest having a look at are;
    EFS gridded donut - with the bent neck, it ergonomics are very similar to a bubbler.
    (Check out the EFS thread for pics)

    Leviathan lattice bubbler - another piece I'd consider one of my favorites.
    (Check out the leviathan thread for pics)

    There are plenty of other pieces that I could recommend, but those are some of my favourite pieces I own.
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  5. Tweak

    Tweak T\/\/34|<

    I have very little experience with high end but own the Mobius Clear Matrix and :love: it.

    From my limited experience, the biggest factor between all the glass I've used is the mouthpiece placement. If I am uncomfortable hitting a piece it ruins it for me, no matter how nice the piece is.

    One thing is for sure, I've found my favorite WPA to use with my SSV is this guy:

    It makes the angle of your tube less likely to kink. I broke mine and can't stand using my SSV with a water pipe now, :cry:. Just too cumbersome trying to juggle holding the wand, holding my bubbler in place, and then grabbing the WPA to clear, all while making sure the tube won't kink.

    Just the looks? Nothing function wise? It sure doesn't look to be 65mm, but hard to tell without a banana for scale, :).

    I've been waiting for this piece for awhile, but if it doesn't perform like the Matrix I would be just as happy saving a few $$ and pick up his showerhead bub. I'm getting the itch to trying something new.

    How does a fritted/honeycomb compare, drag wise, to the Mobuis?
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  6. z9

    z9 Well-Known Member

    The mobius matrix bub is great, I would pick it over the others. Frits offer a lot of diffusion as well, look at DG glass.

    The percs in the Mad Rob and Roor don't do anything for me

    Glass is glass, brand name and their time in the market don't necessarily equate to quality or better customer service. I would much rather buy from a blower that I can have personal contact with. Personally I would get something by Jhan Pixel because the glass is so, so thick and the price is good especially with the FC discount. The same can be said for Leviathan Glass/M&M Tech - Mona's and lattice percs are nice. Then I would use that extra money I saved to buy an LSV to really entertain guests and just use the SSV for myself - I'm just not a fan of using whips with glass and the WPA is infinitely easier to use.
  7. TBTD

    TBTD New Member

    I really appreciate all the informative replies, my decision is already starting to shape up. The Sov has dropped out of the race because I just can't find enough people around the internet who are really passionate about their G-lines. Now Im just trying to decide between the matrix and the stereo matrix as I am unfortunately a slave to the reputation associated with a brand such as Möbius, Sov, Toro, DG etc. I feel the brand somewhat "assures" a satisfactory experience when using the piece (strength in numbers I guess). The matrix bubbler seems to be the "risk-free" choice, however I can't help but fall victim to the beauty of the stereo matrix. I just worry the stereo matrix would be overkill in the diffusion department and that the can size may be slightly to big. Does anyone have any experience to compare the performance of the two?

    I guess I haven't experienced this problem to much as I have been placing the hose directly into a 14mm joint. Does the WPA manufactured by 7th floor suffer from this issue?
  8. clouded vision

    clouded vision Well-Known Member

    My SSV (standard glass wand) doesn't get much use anymore but I always found it rather annoying to try to use the 7th floor WPA with it, I needed 3 hands, 1 to hold the wand, 1 for the bubbler and then one to hold in the wpa/pull and clear. I do have the hands free attachment which helped but then you have to stir more often because you can't rotate the wand while hitting it.

    I haven't tried a g-line but I can tell you I absolutely love my SG mini king. It is absolutely amazing. Incredibly clean glass work, the gridding looks like it was done by a robot it is so perfect. Also it functions perfectly, the entire perc fires without effort and the 75mm can clears faster than my 50mm GBD honeycomb.
  9. Tweak

    Tweak T\/\/34|<

    I guess it depends on your setup. I use a 9" hose so there isn't much drag, not much wiggle room.

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