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Full Melt Dry Sift Questions

Discussion in 'ABV' started by Farid, Aug 19, 2014.

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  1. Farid

    Farid Well-Known Member

    I've always preferred dry sift hash to bubble hash for the flavor. Where it suffers compared to bubble is the difficulty in making it. Getting bubble hash to melt takes practice, but the work is mostly done by the ice, gravity, and the filter bags. Being exact in the agitation process is more important when making dry sift, which is why I've had a much harder time getting my dry sift to melt than my bubble hash.

    I was wondering if anyone here has any tips they use for getting dry sift to melt? I know that using multiple screen sizes and being slow and meticulous is key, but even then I've always gotten a bit too much plant matter. I also know the moisture content of the buds/trim has a big impact on hashish quality/yield, but I'm never how dry it should be, and how I should let it dry out (I usually just let it air dry over time).

    Another question I have is how does the type of cannabis being run affect the quality of the hashish? The import hash I've tried has been dry sift half melt, but it seems like it is made from bulk outdoor, grown in a very hot environment. The resin seems to have a much darker amber color, compared to the hash I've made from indoor, which comes out almost white, and melts with a clear bubble rather than an amber bubble. I've wondered if this difference is caused by the difference in strain, grow technique, or grow environment (I live in the North East, the hash I've made has been from local bud. The import hash I'm comparing it to is either Lebanese blonde or Pakistani style pressed black hash. Both were full melt, both had the amber color I was talking about, as well as a much stronger taste compared to homemade hashish.
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  2. Bvapst

    Bvapst Well-Known Member

    What are you using to make drysift ?
    I've been making some drysift screens with some polyester mesh. Seems like silk or steel mesh is better for drysift.

    Like you said agitation and patience is the key. I've never really took time to do it properly. I think as for making bubble hash the minimum agitation would make the better/purer product ? And from there to work it through different mesh size...

    There is a technique to learn and the condition the plant has been grown play a large role too ! Outdoor is more large trichomes I think ? Bubbleman has a few video showing how he is making drysift... There are different techniques obviously, I've seen one where he is using a larger mesh than we think, but the work and agitation is minimal so you get a pure-glands extract. Using a microscope through the process would help to get a view on purity state extraction. Yield with dry-sift should be much lower than bubblehash if done to achieve full-melt pure-glands extract. This is all about quality vs quantity IMO.
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