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First time making RSO, tar like substance left behind?

Discussion in 'Cooking with Cannabis' started by Skelliconnection, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. Skelliconnection

    Skelliconnection New Member

    First time making RSO. Used 75% everclear cause im canadian and lifes rough. Letting the ethanol evaporate off with the assistance of a magnetic hot plate stirrer. The alcohol is boiling off around 70c, slowly increasing and being held at 109 for 1.5 hours to debarb at the end. What was left was a fair bit of oil, but also this crusty, black, tar like substance on the bottom that seems to have soaked up a lot of oil. Did I overcook it, or is this just plant material/waxes/undesirables that I picked up with a 30min swirl on the magnetic stirrer after lightly grinding the bud? Im reading now that hand-grinding makes a huge difference... just curious as to what I did wrong. Also, SHOULD I be holding at 109c for 1.5 hours to decarb? Im very closely basing this extraction off of the following video:
    Click to play YouTube Video


    Huge thank you in advance for you help!

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